10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

As the holidays gear up and you look towards New Year’s resolutions- can you benefit from a trainer? The answer is probably yes.

There are many reasons that hiring a Personal Trainer could be beneficial both for short term and long term periods. A personal trainer can do anything from teaching proper movement patterns to motivation. We break down the top 10 reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

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  1. Motivation– We are here to support you and keep you going- even through those challenging movements. When we say we believe in you- we mean it.
  2. Consistency – Do you sometimes keep starting and then stopping a new program before you see results? A personal trainer is there to help you stick with it. To help you stick to the program and see the results you desire.
  3. Injury Prevention– Worried about safety? A professional Personal Trainer will have your back (literally) to ensure you are in a safe environments and that the movements are done with correct form. Each person is different and has different needs- we need to ensure the movements are safe for YOU. Are you hypermobile? Then we keep an eye on correction muscle engagement. Do you have limited ankle range of motion? Well then we work to adjust squats so your back doesn’t take the force of the squat.Trainer with client Plank
  4. Supervision/ Eyes on you– A trainer is there for you and only you. They aren’t managing 29 other bodies- their sole focus is you and your success. They are ensuring form is correct as well as that you are getting the results you desire.
  5. Accountability–  Book a 6am appointment? Knowing someone is waiting for you will make you resist that snooze button. You will find that when you know someone is making time for you, will help ensure you come into the gym.
  6. Individualized Plan– Each of us is a unqiue person and differnet goals and needs. Why would you have a generic program? We work with you to find the right program that will get you where you want to go. Focus on yourself and see how far you can go.
  7. Workout out through Injury– If you can get to the gym then we can work with you. Just because you are working through an injury doesn’t mean your health has to take a nosedive. We can work around your injury, and often keeping moving can help with your recovery.
  8. Teacher-We want to share our knowledge with you. The more you know about your body and aware you are the better you can perform. Teaching you movements and sequencing means that you are in control –even while traveling. Fitness is helpful beyond the gym and we want you to know how to move.
  9. Avoid Plataus– Do you sometimes get in a routine and notice you’ve stopped improving and cannot see why? As an oustide eye and brain we can find those adjustments needs in your program to keep you progressing towards your goals. The body is smart and learns to adapt, but luckily we have the tricks to keep you going.
  10. Fun- While some of you may never understand why Coach Rachel finds Burpees fun– there is no reason your workout should be a drag. Let us build a program designed to challenge you and have fun while on the way to your goals. We are here to talk to you and push you through your workouts and keep you moving!

What are you waiting for? Get started today on your journey!

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