10X Strength and Conditioning

10is a Strength and Conditioning Workout which we scaled for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert level athletes.  If you are looking for a gym that you can workout twice a week to get you strong and into great shape… you’ve come to the right place.  Find out who won our January 10X Competition.

10X Strength and Conditioning Overview

The goal is to complete as many Jumping Pull-ups, Assisted Dips, Kettlebell Front Squats, and Jump Over Burpees as you can in 30 minutes. You’ll do 10 reps of each exercise in that order.  Your score is the number of rounds you complete in the 30 minutes.  (View the Whole Workout Here).  We award gift cards based on your performance in each category.  We consider your current level of fitness, age, and injuries when making our selection.  We’ll be announcing our winners one by one on this page.

Follow-us to Find out Who Won

We’ll be announcing our winners on social media over the next four days.  So follow-us as we reveal the winners.  1st Place: $25, 2nd Place: $20, 3rd Place $15, 4th Place $10, 5th Place $5.

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Claim Your Prize
Winners … please claim your Gift Card.  Post a comment on social media when you see your winner’s video revealed. We’ll then send your gift card.

10X Strength & Conditioning Champions

So Luis took Most Improved Athlete with his dominating 8 rounds performance.  But who won our coveted top 5 places?

10X Most Improved Athlete – Luis

YouTube video

5th Place – Jesus

YouTube video

4th Place – David

YouTube video

3rd Place – Chris K.

YouTube video

2nd Place – Kera

YouTube video

1st Place – Elga

YouTube video

10X Strength and Conditioning Program

Coaching Notes and Workout Rules

WOD Explanation: (3 minutes)

Skills Scaling: (8 Minutes)

Warmup: (10 Minutes)

  • Shoulders, front core, lower back, hip openers.

Levels for 10X Strength and Conditioning

Determine the level by testing out whether the athlete can complete 10 reps of each move at each scaling level with good form.  Select the highest level program in which good form can be maintained.  Remember this is a strength and conditioning workout.  Proper intensity and technique must be maintained.

Workout Scalings:

10 Rounds for time. 30 Minute– Time Cap. AMRAP. Record how many rounds are completed. So 4.3 means 4 rounds done and client stopped on the 10 Jump Over Burpees.

10 Jumping Pull-ups.

  • Bar is 6 inches overhead (use the black roller and make sure the client can walk under the hanging bar).
  • Expert & Advanced (Chest to Bar pull-ups).
  • Intermediate & Beginner (Chin to Bar).

10 Dips:

  • Dips… must humorous must descend below the elbow
  • Expert (No assist).
  • Advanced (Medium band Assist).
  • Intermediate (Box assisted).
  • Beginner (Box Dips)

10 Dual KettleBelll Front Squats:

  • Must be to depth. Don’t count partial squats. If they cannot do 10 in a row, they have to re-clean the kettle bells up. Elbow should be up.
  • Expert (44# Men’s/35# Women’s)
  • Advanced (35/25)
  • Intermediate (25/15)
  • Beginner Plate Squat.

10 Jump Over Burpees:

  • Use a 2 Sandbags as the jump over the target. Feet must be together (no stepping over). Chest must touch the floor.
  • Expert & Advanced. As written.
  • Intermediate: 7 Burpees
  • Beginner: 5 Burpees

Cooldown Stretches

  • Calves & Quads
  • Heart Openers and Backbends
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