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Transformation Journal Day 1

For many Sand & Steel clients, today is day 1 of their 60 day transformation 1  It’s Day 1 for me too.

Even when armed with all the nutrition knowledge I need, and an amazing gym at my disposal, committing to change is intimidating.

Sara and Paul
Sara and Paul

The biggest source of hope I have is that I know Origin and XT60 works.  I know that if I follow this programming, I’ll get results.  I’ve done it before, and I know it works.

But even with all that confidence, the musings of failure still creep into my mind. Why?

I gave this question much thought last night, and it really comes down to this, “Do I want it bad enough to change?”  That’s the really the question.  Can I commit to training 3-times a week?  Can I make the decision to prepare enough food to hit my macros.  Will I say no when temptation comes knocking on my door.  Working alone isn’t going to do it.  I have to buckle down and follow the nutrition advice I give to our clients in Origin.  Props to them, many of them lost about 10 pounds each in the past two months! Their progress has been an inspiration to me, and I know it will inspire others.

So today is the day I decide for sure I am going to do this.

In the next two months you are going see me crank the dial on my own training and nutrition, and I hope to pull off results that rival our clients – and then beat them.  And to keep myself accountable, I’ll be posting my “before” InBody Report, and before pictures.  Just not tonight :-)

  1. We’re extending the registration deadline to November 15 for anyone who couldn’t squeeze in their InBody test.

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