Bar Muscle Up and Ring Muscle Up Workshop

Join us for our Muscle-Up Workshop this Saturday. You will learn the custom skills and drills needed for you to improve. Whether we are working on stringing multiple muscle-ups together or just working on the false-grip ring rows, we will build you an appropriately scaled workout for you.

Let’s take the shock and awe out of the muscle-up. Let’s learn how to do them properly. And let’s build the strength to do them correctly together.

Muscle-up progressions: 4 Stations. 6 Minutes Per Station w/ 2 minutes to clean the station. Count your reps, but these exercises are for quality.

  • Banded Bar Muscle-up Pulldowns
  • Box Press to L-Hold
  • Jumping Muscle-ups
  • Seated Banded Ring Muscle Ups
Our Muscle-up Workshop is included with your class membership.  If you aren’t a member, you can purchase a day pass for classes here.

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