Body Sculpting and BodyBuilding Program

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This is an 8 Week program featuring a rolling start date.  Current Sand & Steel Members may also take this course under their normal Sand & Steel Group Class Rate.

Body Sculpting

If you’ve been looking to strategically and methodically shape and sculpt your body, this is the program for you.  This is an eight week results driven program that will meets four times a week at 7:00PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.   We will utilize exercise splits to get your results quicker than you thought possible.

Monday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders
Tuesday: Back, Biceps, Forearms
Wednesday: Abs and Core
Thursday: Legs and Glutes


Addon: three InBody Scans for $100 (normally priced at $125.)


Question: Do I have to make every session?

Answer: No.

Question: Can I take other Group Classes Like CrossFit?

Answer: Yes.  You’ll receive 19 group class sessions, when you register.  You can use these sessions with our Core class featuring TRX, CrossFit, or other classes.

Question: How long do my sessions last?

Answer: You’ll have 2 months to use your 19 sessions.  If you can’t commit to coming twice a week, you’re not going to get results.

Question: What if I am going on vacation?

Answer: We have 6 month packages available that offer more flexibility with class scheduling (download our price sheet on the services page).  This program is really designed to get you results in a class session.  If you can’t commit to putting in the time, we can’t commit to getting you the results you’re looking for.

Question: What’s the maximum class size?

Answer: 4 People.

Question: I’m looking to take this class in the fall, should I register now?

Answer: Yes, prices will go up as we will fill this class.


This isn’t a fat burning program, it’s not an overall fitness program, nor is it a CrossFit style program.  This is a program designed for a single purpose, to build definition in your butt, legs, abs, and arms.   Because body sculpting requires a good deal of customization to the individual athlete we’ll be capping the training to 4 people per class.


Body Sculpting

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