CrossFit Scaling

Scaling is a training principle of CrossFit where we preserve the intended stimulus of the workout, but we modify the load, reps, or technical requirements of the exercise to make it better for you. Scaling is also called adjusting or modifying a workout. To successfully provide a workout that is accessible to beginners and advanced athletes, we consider the scalability of the workout from the outset of its design. Here is the same workout in three different levels.

Group Fitness Classes Alexandria VA

CrossFit One-on-One

Amp up the power of CrossFit training with one-on-one personalized CrossFit programing and scaling. Workout one-on-one with a coach, master CrossFit technique, and start practicing a safer, more effective, CrossFit Practice.

CrossFit Alexandria Metcon Advanced 2

CrossFit Alexandria VA

Our CrossFit Alexandria VA classes include a blend of strength training and conditioning (weight loss) exercises.  CrossFit classes feature barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises.  Our CrossFit workouts have a warmup, skills section, workout, and a cool down.  We provide software to track your progress, so you’ll be able to see your lifts increase.  CrossFit classes are fun, effective, and very much about building a positive network of friends that will motivate you to improve your overall health and fitness.

Beginner CrossFit Powerlifting Class

Beginner CrossFit Strong

Our Beginner Powerlifting Class focuses on teaching the foundational powerlifts & Olympic lifts. This beginner strength class includes mobility training to improve your shoulder mobility, core strength, and hip control.

CrossFit Powerlifting The Strong Class 2

CrossFit Powerlifting
The Strong Class

A Strength Training class utilizing powerlifting and Olympic lifting. You’ll master the Bench Press, Squat, Standing Press, Deadlift, Power Clean, Jerk and many other time-proven techniques to make you stronger. It’s addictive, as you surpass your previous records. If you want to be Strong, this is the class to take.

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