CrossFit Front Squat Olympic lifting

CrossFit Front Squat Olympic Lifting

CrossFit Front Squats.  What they are, why you need them, and how to master them. The Front Squat is a weight lifting gem from Olympic lifting and embraced in CrossFit. It combines convenience, efficiency, and functionality. It’s one of Paul’s 10 essential exercises. Here’s everything you need to know about the Front Squat.

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CrossFit Alexandria Metcon Advanced 2

CrossFit Alexandria VA

Our CrossFit Alexandria VA classes include a blend of strength training and conditioning (weight loss) exercises.  CrossFit classes feature barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises.  Our CrossFit workouts have a warmup, skills section, workout, and a cool down.  We provide software to track your progress, so you’ll be able to see your lifts increase.  CrossFit classes are fun, effective, and very much about building a positive network of friends that will motivate you to improve your overall health and fitness.

CrossFit Powerlifting The Strong Class 2

CrossFit Powerlifting
The Strong Class

A Strength Training class utilizing powerlifting and Olympic lifting. You’ll master the Bench Press, Squat, Standing Press, Deadlift, Power Clean, Jerk and many other time-proven techniques to make you stronger. It’s addictive, as you surpass your previous records. If you want to be Strong, this is the class to take.

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