Gym Alexandria Cleaning Guidelines

Our Pledge to be the Safest, Cleanest Gym in Alexandria

Our operating plan to stay safe and maintain a clean environment for all gym members in Alexandria. Because a cleaner gym, is a healthier gym.

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Fitness Apps SSF

The Apps – Gym App Downloads

We use a number of iPhone and Google Android Apps at Sand and Steel to provide you with an enhanced training experience.  Our apps provide you with increased access to services at Sand & Steel.  They also allow you to customize your training programs, and provide you feedback on your progress.

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Active at Home

ACTIVE AT HOME: A New Membership Option During the Coronavirus

Dear Members, we come to you with a request for support. We can’t overstate the financial impact the COVID-19 is having on Sand and Steel.  Our personal training and classes are the only source of income for us. Every member that puts their account on HOLD places additional finance distress on our small business. It also directly impacts the financial of welfare of our coaches. Many of our expenses are fixed costs (equipment loans, rent, taxes, software memberships), and we’ll have to pay those costs even if we are completely closed.  So we are asking you to please keep your membership ACTIVE.

We understand that you are all concerned about your health. We also understand that despite the significant social distancing measures we have put in place, some of you are uncomfortable coming to Sand and Steel during the Coronavirus pandemic. So we have rolled out a brand new membership called ACTIVE AT HOME.  Here’s how it works.

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Heart Rate Tracking IG

Group Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart Rate Tracking is coming to Sand & Steel Fitness.  Here’s what you need to know to get the most from your heart rate monitor solution.

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Wedding Show IG Woo Optimized

Wedding Workout Plan

The Wedding Workout Plan contains everything you need to be shape by your wedding day, and nothing you don’t.  Don’t take chances on your wedding, work with Alexandria’s most trusted personal training team.

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Perfect 10 Club

Sand & Steel is Proud to announce our Perfect 10 Club.  Every month we will feature a prize for our members.  Next month’s prizes are worth over $120.

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What is Sand & Steel?

Make the Change ... Be Stronger ... Be Sand & Steel

You Need Bring Only Two Things to Succeed at Sand & Steel:

(1) Your commitment to effect positive change, and
(2) The discipline to see it through.

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Open Gym Service Announced

Welcome to Sand and Steel’s boutique powerlifting, CrossFit, TRX Open Gym Service.  We provide an amazing gym and fitness center with a strong community for select members who appreciate having access to a true strength-training gym.

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