Client of the Month – Jesus C.

Congratulations Jesus C.

#Sand&Steel would like to congratulate Jesus C. on losing 6 pounds in three weeks.  From the moment he walked into our doors, Jesus has been serious about changing his diet, and he crushes it on every workout.

Standing Squat






What is staggering is that it’s not 6 pounds of water, it’s six pounds of fat.  We measured Jesus with our In-Body scale when he started, and he’s dropped 3% body fat in just 3 visits.  That is a testament to his dedication out of the gym, and discipline in the kitchen.

TRX Rollout







Jesus doesn’t know it yet, but he has won himself a free kitchen visit worth $200.  If he accepts, we will do a full kitchen evaluation to make sure he has the foods in stock that will keep him on track, and tell him where to pick up the foods he is missing.  We’ll also prepare some recipes for him using his favorite ingredients.  He has also won a Get Steel Strong Under Armor Tee-Shirt, may he wear it with pride — he’s earned it.


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