Client of the Month – Mary Jordan

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Mary Jordan is our Client of the Month!

Mary JordanCompetition for Client of the Month for February was especially steep.  Honorable mentions to Lisa and Alfredo for tremendous performance gains in the personal training and group classes.  For example, Lisa put on a pound of muscle and cut two pounds of fat in one month.

As good as they did, Client of the Month has to go to Mary Jordan for dropping a staggering 11.4 pounds in 40 days!   We have the InBody reports to prove it.

How did she do it?  We wrote a healthy meal plan based on the Origin principles including whole foods having a balance of macro nutrients of 40% carbs, 30% fats, and 30% protein.  Like everyone, she had her stronger days and weaker days.  But what we did was have her log only the derivations from the meal plan.  This cut down the amount of journaling she needed to do, while still helping her stay accountable.

When I reviewed her compliance journal, I immediately saw the effort and care she put into following the plan.

Dieting tip: It’s all too easy to be compliant 90% of the time, and relax the diet 10% of the time.

Mary succeeded because when she relaxed the diet, she did so in a controlled manner.  For example, when she “cheated” she might have eaten two pieces of chocolate in a day. Not two bars of chocolate. Going out to a Mexican restaurant and gorging on Margaritas, chips, chimichangas, and ice cream can wipe out a whole week’s worth of work in one meal.  So if you are on the Origin nutrition plan (or any nutrition plan for that manner), controlled “cheating” is very key.  That’s the tool Mary used, and she did an A+ job.

Please congratulate Mary on her hard work and determination. Losing 11 pounds in 40 days is a tremendous accomplishment. For being client of the month, we are awarding Mary a free box of Sunwarrior Ormus Greens to help her keep losing weight and a free shaker bottle from Blender Bottle.

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