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For CrossFit, Personal Training & Mobility Training

If you are interested in learning more about our CrossFit Class, personal training, or joining Sand and Steel, you have come to the right place.  The articles are sorted in order of importance, so check the ones on top first.

About Us

New Member Overview: Thinking about Joining Sand & Steel Fitness? Learn more about our CrossFit classes, personal training, and community events.

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Kisi Setup Instructions

Kisi App

Electronic access control system.  Electronic Access Controls provides enhanced security for the gym.  It also allows us to provide you access to the gym remotely, and prevents over-crowding of the gym.

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Training Session Feedback Form

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We care about your feedback. We provide a weekly drawing every week for any clients that provide feedback via this form.Should any session fail to live up to our promises please let us know. Win a $10 gift card just for sharing your feedback with us (weekly raffle).

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CrossFit Scaling

Scaling is a training principle of CrossFit where we preserve the intended stimulus of the workout, but we modify the load, reps, or technical requirements of the exercise to make it better for you. Scaling is also called adjusting or modifying a workout. To successfully provide a workout that is accessible to beginners and advanced athletes, we consider the scalability of the workout from the outset of its design. Here is the same workout in three different levels.

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We Welcome All People

Zero Tolerance Policy

There is no justification for ANY Discrimination, Bullying, or Creating a Poisoned Workout Environment. One Gym, One Community, One People.

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