CrossFit Open Starts Thursday

Sand and Steel Fitness is an official host for the CrossFit Open 2021. Registration is now Open.

Four Scaling Options

This year, CrossFit Open Features Four Scaling Options:

🔵 Prescribed (Rx’d),
🔵 Scaled,
🔵 Foundations, and
🔵 Equipment-Free.

We’ve been implementing the Four Scalings in our CrossFit workouts for a long time. So we are glad to see CrossFit has finally caught up.☺

Class Schedule Updates

The CrossFit Open Officially Begins Thursday Night. For the CrossFit Open, we’ll have a special schedule:

🔴 Friday Morning We Will Post the Workout on SugarWOD including the Scaled & Foundations Variations
🔴 Friday 6pm and 7pm, we will do a timed run on the CrossFit Open. You’ll compete in whichever scaling you choose.
🔴 Saturday Morning we will work on drills and techniques to improve your workout performance.
🔴 Tuesday Evening you’ll take your experience and improved skills to get the best time you can.

All other classes like Strong and CoreFit will continue according to their regular schedule.

Signup for the Open

To compete in the CrossFit Games, you need to register at

Signup for the Open. Search for “Sand and Steel CrossFit”

Paul is a certified CrossFit Judge and he’ll be able to validate your score on CrossFit’s website.

CrossFit is For Everyone

When people think of the CrossFit Games, they think of men and women that are in impossibly good shape doing workouts that are not even approachable by most people. The CrossFit Open isn’t like that. Yes the Rx’d variations are very challenging (with complex techniques like muscle-ups and double unders.) However, CrossFit provides scaling based on age (so those of us other 40 or even 30 get an easier version.) Additionally, with the addition of the foundations class, everyone will be able to participate.

So sign-up, let’s have some fun, and let’s experience the CrossFit Open together.

The CrossFit Open in Detail

For our complete article on the CrossFit Open (including official rules, divisions, and scaling recommendations), please see our most recent article.

CrossFit Open 2021


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