CrossFit Workout Programming September 2022

CrossFit Programming Month of September: For the month of September our focus will be on metabolic conditioning and the way of varying time domains that will focus more on cardiorespiratory endurance and stamina rather than strength and stamina. This will be the beginning of a five-month progression that brings to life the theoretical hierarchy of the development of an athlete. Expect to see conditioning heavy workouts as well as classic benchmarks. Benchmarks such as Kelly, Helen and Annie programming will include at least one 20 plus minute workout or an interval workout each week to help both with to train consistency and to push the pace at different gears and different time domains. This would be a great one to really test that metabolic conditioning. I’m excited to see how this month goes for you.

Mobility Lab: will incorporate massage wand work, graston, and band distraction.

Performance Lab: butterfly pullups, handstands, pistols, squats, and muscle-ups.

Nutrition Lab: We will be covering Lessons 1-4.

PowerFit: Focus will be on the squat.

Butts & Guts / Arms OCR: expect more moderate difficulty workouts in these classes.

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