Diana on the Scortcher

The Leg Scorcher

Our workout of August 16, 2015 burns fat and is an unrelenting leg and glute workout.  You can read more about it here.  The workout features a 165 pound sled push, 150 sandbag squats, pistol squats and 12 minutes on the boxmaster. This was Paul’s Sunday workout, since he implementing a fat loss program through October 31.   Tough as it was, Diana made it look easy.

Diana trains with Dawn.  Dawn’s program with Diana is a combination of bodybuilding and functional movements targeting stabilizers.  Today I saw the results of Dawn’s programming first-hand.

Diana matched all the Rx weights and reps (e.g. the weight and reps I did in my own workout)

This is really an awesome accomplishment from someone who had trouble with lunges only a few months ago.  I am incredibly proud of both Dawn and Diana. I often say to my clients that if they bring two things with them to every session they’ll continue to improve.  Well Diana brings her focus and her energy to every session.  She doesn’t back down from any challenge we throw at her, and we can’t wait to see her results in her August benchmark.

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