Engine HIIT Class
High-Intensity Interval Training

Engine is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Redefined.   Our HIIT class uses our premium personal training equipment to give you a workout that you can’t find in other group class-style gyms.  All Engine workouts are total body WODS.  They are specially designed to accommodate athletes of all fitness levels.  On Monday and Wednesday, we have our Sprint WODS where you push your intensity to the max.  Tuesday and Wednesday we build your endurance with long 3 minute bouts.

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HIIT Engine Workouts


2 Rounds: 1.5 Minute Sets: 30 Second Rest

  1. GHR Rollouts
  2. Dumbbell Cleans 50 / 35
  3. Seated Row 150 pounds / 100 Pounds
  4. CrossBody Cable Row
  5. Front Squats 200 / 135
  6. Bench Leg Lifts
  7. GHD Situps
  8. TRX Body Saw
  9. Overhead Plate Walking Lunges 45 / 35

Hemi Endurance WOD

1 Rounds: 3 Minute Sets: 1 Minute Rest

  1. GHR Ab Crunch
  2. Ab Mat Situps
  3. Incline Dumbbells Curl 30 /20
  4. Seated Curl Pull Down 150 / 115
  5. Standing Cable Row
  6. Bench Press 135 /95
  7. 8-10 MPH Run
  8. TRX Cycle Jumps
  9. Ski Erg

The HIIT Enginge is a circuit-based class that uses our personal training equipment.  Workouts will alternate high-intensity interval training and endurance-based WODS. Emphasis will be placed on training muscles that are hard to train in conventional classes.

Coach Paul Demos the Exercises in our Small Block V8 Class

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Monday, VTEC Sprint WOD

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