Event Committee

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Friday June 11 at 7PM.

Location: In the gym.

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Event Committee Overview

Murph Recap

Murph Recap

Suggestions that we already Doing

  • 5K/10K
    • Sand & Steel 5K/10K is July 10
  • Team Workouts
    • Pride Throwdown and Unity WOD
  • More Competitive Events
    • Pride Throwdown, Unity WOD, Iron Star Games
  • Another WOD, Brunch, and Brew
    • Pride Throwdown and Unity WOD
  • Murph Next Year.
    • Definitely?  Should we do it on Memorial Day or not?

Suggestions that No One Made that I’m Thinking of Doing

No one said – Wine Hike? I thought that was a winner for sure. Too bad not wants to do this.  I had a 6-mile hike & winery picked out picked-out already. It was only an hour away too.

Suggestions that are in the Likely Category

  • Cookouts – Great Idea …
    • We might do this for Unity Day.   I can’t manage and cook on a charcoal grill for 40+ people on my own.
    • I need some grill master volunteers, some shopping volunteers, and some food prep volunteers.
  • Spartan Race
    • This is definitely doable and something can have our event committee work on.
  • Go to a restaurant after an event.
    • All for it, which restaurants do you suggest that can accommodate 30-40 people?
  • CrossFit Games Viewing Party
    • I’m down for this, but the CrossFit Games is very long.  It’s usually like 12 events.  How would the logistics work on this?

Suggestions that are in the Unlikely Category

  • Overnight Camping + Trail Run / Hike
    • We are probably too late in the year for this to happen in the Summer of 2021.
    • It’s a big project that might involve permits, cabin rentals, trail marking, food, cooking, etc. 
  • Sports Games
    • We really have a divergent interests in sports other than fitness.  We didn’t have enough people watching any single sport for this make sense.

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