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Kings and Queens Cup

Sand and Steel 5418 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria

πŸ‘‘ Kings and Queens Cup πŸ‘‘

A balanced competition that focuses on picking the right scaling to win.
Two exercises, a kettlebell, and a whole bucket of evil awaits you at every turn 😈

To all the brave athletes who know partake in this quest, I offer these words of caution. Lift with honor, forsake thy ego, and underestimate not the ticking clock. Some will falter, some will crash, some will lie flat on the ground. But in the end, six athletes will stand proud, their kettlebell swinging mightily above the crowd.

The spoils of battle hang in the balance ... do you have what it takes to win one of six vessels of Vanilla Whey, or will your ego overshadow your mettle, and cause you to fall astray.

Free – $25.00
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