100% Face Mask Policy

As COVID-19 infections rates increase, we have to respond with increasing protections.  Please review our updated Face Mask Policy.

Face Mask Policy: Face masks are required 100% of the time unless you are rehydrating, eating, or unlocking your phone. Yes, the mask has to cover your mouth and your nose. If you have trouble breathing, slow down or step outside.

Face Mask Timing: You must put on your face mask before you step inside gym.  You have to keep it one until you have completely exited in the gym.  What you do in the parking lot and in your car is up to you.

Face Masks are for Everyone’s Health:  Yes, you have to wear a mask even if it’s just you in the gym. You have to wear a mask whether you voted for Trump or Biden.  Face masks aren’t just about your health — it’s about protecting everyone else from you. A person coming to the gym after you may have a special condition. And if you don’t wear a mask, you expose that person to enhanced risk of infection. Yes, our BAF Clean Air Ionizer and Carrier Opticlean Hepa Filtration Systems substantially reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. But you know what else works great too? Wearing a face mask.

COVID-19 Testing. Even if you get tested, there is a 3-day wait on the results. Plus the test itself is only accurate 7 days after initial exposure. Let’s face the facts — you can’t know whether you are an asymptomatic spreader or not.  And you can’t know at every instant in time whether you have COVID-19 or not.

COVID-19 Truth: It’s a fact, you can have COVID-19, zero symptoms, and still infect other people. At other Virginia gyms, wearing a face mask is a personal choice. Some people wear them, and some people don’t. We decided as a community that every member is going to wear a mask. And if we are going to stay healthy as a gym, everyone has to follow this Face Mask Policy — no exceptions.

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