Free Class: TRX Suspension Trainer Techniques

Learn 12 new TRX Suspension Trainer at Sand & Steel Fitness from master Coaches Brian and Paul. Finish it off with a Free CoreFit group class.

In this class, we’ll be teaching the fundamentals of correct TRX Suspension Training Technique. We’ll be covering 12 foundation TRX Suspension Trainer Exercises. Then we’ll sequence the exercises together into a sweat drenching workout. The Class will be taught by Brian Leos, a graduate of TRX Suspension Course. Paul will be assisting.1

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TRX Suspension Trainer

Sequence A

TRX Hamstring Curl30 Seconds4MCGF
TRX Mountain Climber30 Seconds4MCGFA
TRX Hamstring Runner30 Seconds4MC/LGF
TRX Squat Jumps30 Seconds4MSF
TRX Oblique Atomic Pushups30 Seconds4MCGFA
TRX Squat to Y Fly30 Seconds4MLSF

Sequence B

TRX Low Row30 Seconds4SSF
TRX Crossing Balance Lunge (R)30 Seconds4MSF
TRX Powerpull (R)30 Seconds4MSF
TRX Cycle Jumps30 Seconds4MSF
TRX Powerpull (L)30 Seconds4MSF
TRX Crossing Balance Lunge (L)30 Seconds4MSF


TRX Suspension Trainer

Sequence C

Stir the Pot60 Seconds30 Seconds2MCGFA
Hi / Low Plank60 Seconds30 Seconds2MCGFA
Inverted Row60 Seconds30 Seconds2MFA
TRX Row60 Seconds30 Seconds2MFA
TRX Bicep Curl60 Seconds30 Seconds2MFA

Sequence D

Stir the Pot60 SecondsNone1 RoundMCGFA
Hi / Low Plank60 SecondsNone1 RoundMCGFA
Inverted Row60 SecondsNone1 RoundMFA
TRX Row60 SecondsNone1 RoundMFA
TRX Bicep Curl60 SecondsNone1 RoundMFA

The TRX Suspension Trainer Workout

Learning TRX with NAPS-MR

Name, Adjustment, Position, Start, Movement, Recovery


Scaling for Every Level

Let’s Get Strong!

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  1. Note, this is not an official TRX branded certification. If you would like to get certified by TRX, please visit their website.
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