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Sand & Steel Fitness does not have its memberships or prices on its website. We have many different memberships available to accommodate a wide range of clients.  For example, we have members that are seniors, military, members with preexisting injuries, members who want to include Yoga and Kinstretch, brand new CrossFitters, CrossFitters switching Boxes, etc.

Finding you the right membership is often the difference between you achieving your goals and not.  So the owner, Paul Roberts, meets (virtually or in person) with each and every new member to make sure we find the right membership for you.  Every new member gets a New Member Orientation after the Gym Tour to go over best practices to set you up for success.

Gym Tour Logistics

ZOOM: Once you book your gym tour, you’ll receive an email with the Zoom Room Number and Passcode.  We use the Zoom interface to show your prices, services, discuss your New Member Intake Form, and help you get your account setup.

At the Gym: If you want to come into the gym for your gym tour, please call us 703.854.9960 to schedule.  Paul handles all the gym tours and he isn’t able to come into the gym at every time on the schedule.  For online gym tours, any time on the schedule is ok.

Who are We?

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Can I Just Drop By?

Our gym is open 4AM-10PM and Paul is the only person that handles gym tours.  Sometimes he’s training clients, and he certainly isn’t in the gym all these hours.  So it’s easier to make an appointment.  If you do drop by without an appointment, just call us when you get here.  We keep the main entrance locked for security reasons.

What Happens in the Gym Tour?

We go over your new client intake form, and explain to you the various services we have available.  We have personal training, 6 Month Transformation System, CrossFit classes, Speciality Classes, and Open Gym.  We also go over all of our membership options with you and help you build a training plan.

Free Gift with Your Gym Tour

All new members will receive a free gift when they sign up for a gym. Just our way of saying thank you for coming by.

How Long is the Gym Tour?

It depends on how many questions you have.  In general, for personal training clients, it’s 45 minutes long.  Group Fitness and Open Gym members it’s often about 30 minutes long.

What if I am Just Trying a Free Class?

If you are an experienced CrossFitter, you can signup for a free trial class here.

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