How to Teach CrossFit Classes While Maintaining the Social Distancing Required by Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia has set forth social distancing laws requiring members to be spaced 10 feet apart.  Here’s how we keep you safe in CrossFit Classes.

Social Distancing CrossFit in Northern Virginia

Social Distancing laws in Northern Virginia Gyms require A) members to maintain 10 foot distances, and B) not to share equipment.  These social distancing laws create additional programming challenges for CrossFit boxes.  Here’s an example CrossFit workout we would have done precovid:

CrossFit WOD 10A

AMRAP 18 Minutes

50 TRX (or Olympic Rings) Cycle Jumps
40 TRX (or Olympic Rings) Rows
30 TRX (or Olympic Rings) Hinges

The problem with this workout is that our TRX’s (and all other Northern Virginia gyms) are not spaced 10 feet apart.  If we use every other TRX, it effectively halves the class size.  Also not a good option in Northern Virginia.  So we need to reprogram this workout to comply with Northern Virginia’s social distancing laws.

CrossFit WOD 10B – Social Distancing Issue

AMRAP 18 Minutes

50 TRX (or Olympic Rings) Cycle Jumps
40 Calorie Rowing
30 KB Swings

This workout seems like it might work since, we could just have members rotate through the equipment to create the required 10 feet of social distancing.  On closer inspection, this workout won’t comply with Northern Virginia’s social distancing law because people could arrive at adjacent TRX station at different times — violating Northern Virginia’s Social Distancing Rules.   What if they pick further apart TRX’s?  That won’t work either, because members cannot share or rotate through equipment.

CrossFit WOD 10C – Social Distancing Requirements Met

AMREP 18 Minutes

1:00 TRX (or Olympic Rings) Cycle Jumps
1:00 Calorie Rowing
1:00 KB Swings

At first blush, this looks like a good solution.  People will arrive at the TRX stations at specified time.  If you have 6 people in your class, with 6 TRX stations, it could work.  Just stagger the class so people start at different stations, each member uses their own equipment.  To help comply with the current social distancing laws in Northern Virginia, we would disinfect the equipment after the class.

CrossFit WOD 10D – Social Distancing Requirements Met

For 18 Minutes

1:00 TRX Cycle Jumps
1:00 Dumbbell Renegade Rows L
1:00 TRX Hinge
1:00 Dumbbell Renegade Rows R

Count the number of the times you break form. Lowest score wins.

This solution also solves the social distancing issue.  You start Member A on the TRX and Member B on the Dumbbells.  Members cannot be at the same station at the same time, because they alternate.  Members have their own equipment so there is no sharing.  All of Northern Virginia’s requirements are met.

CrossFit Programming Summary

Programming workouts that adhere to the social distancing rules in Northern Virginia can be challenging.  CrossFit coaches that truly understand programming and sequencing will be able to adjust their workouts to keep you safe.  Novice CrossFit coaches will struggle.  Choose a CrossFit box with an experienced coach — especially while Covid-19 remains a health concern.

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