Iron Star Games Update

Making the Iron Star Games More Approachable to Everyone

Scoring and Workouts Adjusted

Many members have asked us whether we could adjust the Iron Star Games scoring system so that our intermediate athletes could choose Elite Class in some cases and Champion Class in others. Members also have asked whether we can reduce the overall weights in some of the CrossFit WODS to participate more easily. With the help of Katy and Sean D., we have done that.

Weights Have Been Lowered

Weights for the CrossFit events have been lowered by 15-25% for all events making both the Elite and Champion classes more accessible to newer athletes. The updated events and the scoring are visible on the Iron Star Games Page. Iron Star Games Registration closes this Saturday. We encourage all members to participate.

New Scoring System

With the revised scoring system, it’s now possible to select some workouts from the Elite Class and some from the Champion and still win the Elite Class Trophy.  After you complete your workout, you’ll need to enter your score on SugarWOD in front of your judge for your score to count.

Strongest Man and Woman: Your strength score is the combined total of your 4 powerlifting lifts and your 3 Olympic lifts multiplied by the Wilks Coefficient. The Wilks Coefficient takes into account your age, weight, and gender to normalize the scoring for all athletes.

CrossFit Elite Men and Women: Your CrossFit score will be 3 x your placement. So if there are 24 people who participate in the Iron Star Games and you place first, you get 72 points. Since there are 7 events, your maximum score, if you complete all the Elite level events, is 504 points.  A person doing the Champion Scaling cannot finish ahead of someone doing the Elite Scaling,  unless that person did not finish the WOD under the time cap.  So if 6 people do the Elite Scaling, the highest place you could get competing in the Champion Scaling is 18 points for a 7th place finish.

The rationale for this rule is to encourage people who can complete the Elite scaling to do the Elite scaling.  If you cannot complete the Elite scaling safely then you should scale down to the Elite Scaling.  To win the CrossFit Champion trophy, you must complete all 7 workouts in the Champion class.

Iron Star Trophy: goes to the man and woman having the highest Strength Score + CrossFit Score

Rising Star Trophy: goes to the man and woman having the highest Strength Score + CrossFit Score in Champion class.

Spirit Award: goes to the competitor display the best teamwork, sportsmanship, and social media engagement.

Coaches: While our coaches will be competing in the Iron Star Games with you, they aren’t competing against you.  Coaches are all competing for one single award, the coveted All-Star Coach award.

Weigh-ins: Weigh-in will be done soon and without advanced notice.

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