Is Fusion Fit A Good Program for Me

Fusion F.I.T is a Functional Integrated Training program that combines Kettlebell resistance training with Body weight core training in a dynamic 30 min workout.

Fusion F.I.T’s unique method brings together resistance training and core training for an efficient and effective total body workout in just 30 minutes. The training sessions are designed using supersets, circuits and intervals to maximize time and results.

For example a Fusion Fit combo may include: a superset-Two hand swings and Core trainer two hand row for upper body.  Circuit- KB goblet squats, two hand swings, and core trainer squats for lower body.  Decrease rest time for increased intensity and interval training.

The uniquely designed high intensity low impact total body training program pairs kettlebell resistance training with body weight core training to increase strength, mobility, stability, endurance and power.

While performing a variety of swings with the off-center weight of the kettlebell the body is forced to incorporate more muscle to perform the ballistic movements. The muscle recruitment demands of performing kettlebell swings targets the body’s stability mechanism which includes the abdominals, back, glutes and ham-strings.  Conditioning theses muscles to fire without delay improves neuro-muscular activation, posture, gait, running and jumping capabilities.  Transitioning directly to body weight exercise using core training straps increases time under tension a proven method for strength development.

Abdominals, low back and glutes are activated with the swing as well as the same activation to keep the body aligned and stable during body weight core training

The continuous contraction of the core muscles during the entire movement of the kettlebell swing and core training using straps highlights the importance of pairing these two training methods for maximum core activation.

This core activation which consist of the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, back extensors and gluteus-maximus has resulted in reduced low back, hip, and knee pain. Besides the cardiovascular, strength, stability and improved mobility benefits these combined methods are proven corrective exercise formats for those who suffer from chronic joint pain.  Movement mechanics of the swing and core trainer reduces joint stress at the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints.  Fusion Fit helps strengthen the ligaments and tendons that connect to the primary movers with these exercises and their strengthening to reduce excessive movement which will increase movement efficiency and reduce injury.

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