Leg Scorcher

Oxidative Leg Focused Workout

Muscle Groups: Legs
Difficulty: Scalable
Energy System: Oxidative
Equipment: Sled, Boxmaster, Sandbag, Plyo Box, Green Band
Special Features: Glute dominate, no skill required
Rating: 7 out of 10
Date Created: August 16, 2015.
Author: Paul Roberts

Combo 1:

3 Rounds: 5 minutes each (no rest between sets)

  • 5 Laps Dogsled (165 Rx)
  • 50 Sandbag Front Squat (40 lbs RX)

Combo 2:

4 Rounds: 3 Minutes

  • Boxmaster (L1, R9, L6, R10, L6, R12); (R2, L9, R5, L11, R5, L12)
  • Band Assisted Plyobox Pistol Squat

Notes/Comments (breaks, weights, reps, etc.):

A continuous, fat-burning workout.  Substitute a Thai Bag for the boxmaster as needed.

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