Hi and thanks for inviting Sand & Steel into your body transformation journey.  “Making Smarter Nutrition Choices” is the first of several presentations we provide on nutrition.  

Introducing the Twin Plate Diagram.

  • How to build your meals to maximize fat loss while preserving fat loss.
  • How to determine how many grams of carbs, fat, and protein you should be eating.

Calories in vs. calories out.

Why this doesn’t work.

  • Food Calories cannot be measured accurately.
  • Exercise calories cannot be accurately measured.
  • All calories are not the same.
  • Food diary slippage (absent-minded eating, portions, candy bowls at work, etc.)
  • How your metabolism is affected by what you eat.
  • On a Smart Phone?
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    Like Fitness Training, Eating Better is a Journey.

    Take One Step at a Time, Allow Yourself Room for Setbacks, and Set Realistic Goals.

    Together We Will Transform your Body.

    -Paul Roberts