Military Discount

Active Military Saves 10% on training at Sand and Steel Fitness

Military Discount applies to law enforcement, CIA, FBI, and Alexandria, Fairfax, Washington DC, & Arlington police and fire fighters are included.  Paramedics are included. This special discounted pack is valid for 3 months from date of purchase. This product cannot be combined with any coupon codes, gift certificates, etc.

 Coupon Code: Military10 


You use the code when you purchase a service on Zen Planner.  Unfortunately, we are not able to retroactively add the discount if you forget to use it.  Sand and Steel has built an entire program from the Army Combat Fitness Test to help all soldiers improve their fitness levels.  We not only get you ready to crush the ACFT, we improve all aspects of your fitness.

ACFT Training Plan for the Army Combat Fitness Test

We have worked with hundreds of soliders, both active and retired.  We build programs tougher, because of the enhanced mental grit soldiers have.  But are also cognizant of the mobility issues soliders tend to have (ankle mobility, shoulder problems, shrapnel wounds, etc.)

We understand the unique demands of working in Law Enforcement and the Military.  We know your job is different, and you’ll have a specialized program catered to that job.  We want you to get stronger and move better.  So you can help keep Alexandria VA safer for everyone.


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