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Mobility and Muscle Therapy Range of Motion Flexibility Stretching

Mobility Benefits include:

  • improves joint mobility and range of motion so that you can properly perform movements,
  • improves your durability and decrease injury risk through proper mobilization of joint capsules and tendons,
  • improves static motor control for people who are hypermobile or recovering from injuries,
  • assesses injury risks for extracurricular activities like hiking, basketball, etc., and
  • helps restore proper muscle and tendon functionality.

Roberts Mobility Screen

  • 24 movement patterns tested to determine areas of limited mobility;
  • Custom modifications to your personal training program based on results;
  • Risk assessment for common activities (Olympic lifting, cycling, etc.)
  • Detailed report and scoring on each of your movement patterns.

Mobility and Muscle Therapy Program

Mobility Science

  • Functional Movement Screen Level I and II certification and equipment,
  • Muscle Activation Technique’s Jump Start Program
  • Kelley Starrett’s Supple Leopard,
  • Bob Anderson’s Stretching,
  • Subscription to ROMWOD and Yoga Journal,
  • Kit Laughlin’s Stretching and Flexibility,
  • Mobility WOD Certification and equipment,
  • Move2Perform Y-Balance Test certification and equipment,
  • 200Hr Iyengar Yoga Certification,
  • Gray Institute’s Three Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System.

Incorporating Mobility and Muscle Therapy into your personal training program.  You can now purchase individual Mobility and Muscle Therapy sessions via the webportal.  In those sessions, we will measure you mobility, and determine the joints and areas that need the most care.  We’ll then develop a custom mobility plan for you.  This can be done either as full 60 minute sessions, or we can simple add 3-4 corrective exercises or mobility exercises to your program.  You’d repeat those for 2-3 weeks, and we’ll add new ones during your next mobility and muscle therapy session.

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