Mobility – Exploring the Magic Behind Better Movement

Got an injury?  An unstable shoulder?  A painful knee?  Catch up with Coach Paul as he breaks down the formula to help you move better.

Breaking Down the Magic of Mobility

Every Injury is Important. Every Body Move Differently. Everyone has a different history. Yet, different as we are, all of us are designed to move the same way.  Having worked with over 1000 members over the past 10 years, coach Paul has boiled down his formula for helping you move better.

The Magic Of Mobility 5 Step Process

1 Address the Complaint:

All Mobility TuneUp Sessions start with a conversation.  Where does it hurt?  How Does it Hurt?  When does it hurt?

2 Find an Exercise or Pattern:

Find an exercise or pattern:

  • with limited motion;
  • that causes some pain;
  • that has less strength; or
  • that has less control.

3 Observe the Movement Fault:

Test and evaluate all the surrounding tissues up and down the chain of movement.

For example, does the right side of your neck hurt?  We might:

  • Check your pec minor for tightness;
  • Check your triceps for weakness;
  • Check your serratus for motor limitation.

4 Treat the Most Likely Suspect:

We treat the most likely suspect.  If it’s weak, we strengthen it.  If it’s down-regulated, we activate it.  If it’s tight, we stretch-it or mobilize it.

5 Retest your Pattern:

Does pain decrease?  Does the range of motion increase?  Does your form look better.  Do you have more control?  If it gets better, we do more of the same.  If it gets worse, try a different technique or go to your secondary suspect.

It’s Time to Start Moving Better

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