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Newsletter on Mobility, Nutrition, & Strength

Welcome to the Sand & Steel Fitness Newsletter

The Sand & Steel Newsletter is written by Personal Trainers for Personal Trainers.  Our articles feature in-depth curated content on Mobility, Nutrition, and Strength.  Our Mission is simple: provide the best written, research-based articles on personal training and fitness available.  Newsletter subscriptions are open to current clients, personal trainers, and those aspiring to improve their health and fitness.


The Sand & Steel Newsletter features in-depth, curated content on Strength, Yoga, Mobility, & Nutrition. Plus you'll get awesome discounts on personal training & yoga.
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Fitness Newsletter Topics

Better Meal Prep in Alexandria VA.  On May 28th, we asked Alexandria VA how they can improve the above meal.  We offered $100 Sand & Steel Gift Certificates for the best answers.  Here’s what you said, and here’s who won.

Huevos Rancheros is the Mexican variation of the traditional American breakfast.  Instead of ham, bacon, eggs, and pancakes, huevos rancheros features eggs, tortillas, beans, and salsa.  Our recipe removes all of the unhealthy elements, balances out the macros, and makes this a healthy breakfast knockout.  Plus it tastes awesome and is super simple to make.

The 88 Most Essential Yoga Poses Alexandria VA.   If you want to get strong at yoga, these are poses to practice first.

Strength Training Alexandria VA. Fundamentals of Proper Technique. Plus 7 expert tips on lifting weights from a certified personal trainer.

Nutrition Alexandria VA.  We surveyed the top 100 selling diets and compiled the top 10 rules that all diets follow.  Featuring a slide deck, infographics, 10 videos, and over 2000 words this comprehensive article will help jump start your weight loss or muscle gain journey.

Nutritionist Alexandria VA – Diet & Nutrition Plans. Looking for a Nutritionist in Alexandria, VA? From Meal Plans to Lowering Inflammation, our nutrition coaches will help you lose weight successfully.

An Amazing Recipe for Ham, Egg, and Squash Cup by Aimee

Our New Question and Answer Facebook Group is now open.  Get your fitness, nutrition, yoga, mobility, weightloss, strength programming, and personal training questions answered!  Already a personal traininer or nutrition coach? Help us answer answer user questions and get your name out to people that need your help.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM).  A beginner’s guide to what it is, how it works, and which tools to pick.

Wrist Injury: Treating Pain in the Radial Carpi Ulnaris.  A Full Treatment Protocol: Workouts, Corrective Exercises, Flossing, Scraping, + More

What Topics are in Our Fitness Newsletter?

  • Home and Travel Online Workouts
  • Personalized Workout Plans
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching
  • Resources for Personal Trainers

So whether you are local to Washington DC and Alexandria VA, or joining us from afar, you’ll find exciting and unique content available.



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