Murph Free Protein Mondays

Get free Steeltech Protein Isolate after your workout. Here’s how it works.

Starting Monday, we have a display of individually portioned protein powder up-front on the counter that you can easily add to your shaker or take home with you for free. What’s the catch? You’ll need to be wearing your Murph Shirt to get the protein powder for free. If you aren’t wearing your Murph T-Shirt you’ll still be able to purchase the single-serve containers for three dollars each or 3 rewards points. So it’s like your Murph T-Shirt comes with $3 of free protein powder every week! Just a little something to thank our members who purchased a shirt.

Bring Your Shaker Bottle

Or show your support and buy one of our shaker bottles. $8.50 or 12 Rewards Points

Can I Get a Murph T-Shirt if I Didn’t run Murph?

Yes, you can get a Murph T-Shirt as long as you have completed one or more of our Murph preparation workouts or plan to complete one of our post-Murph workouts in June.

How Do I Get a Murph T-Shirt?

You can buy a Murph T-Shirt online or at our gym. Keep in mind that these T-shirts are limited-edition. We ordered 50 Murph T-Shirts total, and some of the more popular sizes are just about sold out.

How Long Will the Free Protein Powder Promotion Last?

We have set aside 6.5 lbs of protein powder for this event. We will run the event while supplies last.

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