New Member Discount

New Member Discounts – Here’s the Deal

New Members Discount 2020

  1. Free week trial. Special Conditions Apply
  2. Get a $30 Sand & Steel Gift Card With your Free Week Trial
  3. Get 43% off our Iron Star Games Registration
  4. Get 75% off any single serve supplement pack (limit 3 per customer)
  5. Get 50% off all protein bars (limit 10 per customer)

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P.S. If you do share it, tag us @sandandsteelfitness.  We’ll give you a bonus $10 gift certificate when you signup.

How do you redeem the deal?

It’s simple, just call me.  My number is 703.854.9960.  You are welcome to take one of the deals or all of them.  We’ll handle delivery and payment in person.  The first step is to book a gym tour and we’ll get you setup with your New Member Discounts.  This New Member Discount Expires December 23, 2020.  -Coach Paul

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New Member Discount

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New Member Discount

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