New Member FAQ

How Do I View Prices and Membership Terms?

1. You can view prices for all of our memberships once you create an account.
2. View prices and memberships from our All Services Page. Use the search bar and filters for Sales, Categories, and Tags (on the bottom).  
3. Most new members start with a Trial Class and/or the Welcome Pack.
4. Current Discount Codes are visible in your Dashboard.
5. Common Questions and Answers appear below. If you still have questions, please call Paul at 703-952-5734 x2.

What are your Qualifications and Certifications?

You can view our bio and qualifications at

Can I buy a membership today, but start sometime in the future?

Yes, you can start anytime within six months of your purchase date. Just indicate the desired start date on the additional details section of the checkout form.

Can I put my membership on hold for personal travel?

Yes, you can put your membership on hold for any planned travel. Just let us know which dates you’ll be away during your membership consult.

Which membership is best if I want try Personal Training?

The Welcome Pack.

Can I try a class first?

Yes, just buy the trial class

Is there a contract?

We have month-to-month and rolling three month membership agreements.

Can I schedule a meeting with Paul to discuss my questions in-person?

You would need to purchase the Welcome Pack which includes an in-person consultation. Phone consultations are free.

Can I drop by the gym just to see it?

Yes, we can buzz you in … just call us when you arrive.

When are your classes, semi-private training, and personal training?

Semi-Private Training
Personal Training

How do I signup?

You can purchase a membership right from our website; or
You can call the gym to setup your membership over the phone.

Can I call someone to confirm some questions?

Yes, Paul’s number is 703-952-5734 x2

Personal Training Programs
CrossFit OnRamp for Beginners and Deconditioned Athletes
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