Newsletter #11

Welcome Coaches Darren and Flavio.  Olympic Lifting Seminars coming in August and September.  Free Sessions, Private Yoga, Get Steel Strong Special Hours, and more.

New Coaches

Sand & Steel has two new coaches, Darren and Flavio.  Both of them available to book on the schedule.  They are currently in their mentorship program, so their sessions will be supervised by Paul or Dawn.

Upcoming Olympic Lifting Seminars

We have scheduled several seminars on Olympic Lifting (clean, snatch, jerk, etc.)  We have limited space available for these seminars, and you can reserve your spot through our portal.  Check out Darren’s Amazing Post on the Barbell Clean Receiving Position.

Free Session?

Yep.  Now through August we have free Personal Training Session for new clients in August.  Reserve a session time.

Private Yoga Sessions

If you are interested in incorporating Yoga into your program, please let us know.  We provide Yoga in our Mobility Sessions.

Get Steel Strong Hours: 

Are you a Get Steel Strong Client?  I have special extended hours for you to book Personal Training, Nutrition, or Mobility.  Look for these sessions marked in red on the schedule.

Featured Blog Posts:

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