Newsletter #12

Congratulations to Robin’s 10th Place Finish at Nationals!

We are super proud of Robin’s Amazing 10th place finish at national’s this year!  Check out her contest photos on her bio.Robin Marion Bodybuilding Figure Competitor

Events!  We Have over 10 New Events this Summer!

From Workshops on Stretches to full-on seminars on the Barbell Power Clean, we have powerful events choke full of practice time and training.  Workshops and Seminars are just $20 each, and they are free for members with a Get Steel Strong membership.

Yoga with Paul and Yen-Chen

From gentle flow w/ Yen- Chen to Yoga Hard Core w/ Paul, if you are looking to improve your mobility we have a private yoga session for you.  We haven’t put sessions times on our calendar yet, so email us the times that you’d like to book it.  You can use your existing personal training packages.

Run Strong Program

We are rolling out a new running service August 15.  This service:

  • diagnoses potential injuries (FMS & YBT),
  • fixes running mechanics (pose running),
  • develops a running program for you (pose running & CrossFit Endurance),
  • improves your flexibility for running (M|WOD and Iyengar yoga), and
  • develops hip, ankle, back, and core strength.

Sessions will be programmed in advance with multiple coaches (matching the best coach with the most needed elements in your training.)  If you are interested in starting this program, please email me.

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