One high-impact habit to better health

One high-impact habit to better health

It’s overwhelming to make a lot of changes all at once. So don’t do it! Today I would like to show you how you can improve your health by making one change that can have a high-impact on your overall health.

The meal of focus here is breakfast. I’m sure you have heard how important this meal is, and it’s true! The body is waking up from an entire night of fasting, and metabolism has slowed down, so it’s an excellent time to eat key nutrients and give yourself a healthy boost. A nutrient rich breakfast will help kickstart your metabolism, and help you feeling fuller longer, so you’ll make better lunch choices. Not only will your body benefit, emotionally you’ll feel good about doing it – and that good feeling will carry throughout the day!

So, if you’re looking for one thing that you can focus on to start eating healthy. This is it! For the next couple of weeks, I want you to solely focus on your breakfast. You want to make sure that you have protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. Vegetables are carbohydrates, but I list them separately because they are a free food that offer health benefits that go beyond simply providing your body with energy.

If you’re like many people you’re wondering how you can possibly make all of this food in the morning. Who has the time for all of that preparation and cooking? And I know some of you probably can’t even imagine having vegetables for breakfast.

Maybe what I do will work for you. I don’t have a lot a time, or patience, for preparing a meal in the morning; instead, I make protein shakes. I keep it simple and make the same one every morning, varying some ingredients each week, depending on what we bought from the grocery store over the weekend. I save even more time by storing everything I use in the morning close to each other in the kitchen. It takes me approximately 10 minutes to make the shake. It’s so easy, and so good for you. You have to give it a try.

Below is one of my favorite shakes:

 Optional spices to add:

  • Ginger – promote healthy digestion
  • Turmeric – promote cardiovascular health
  • Cayenne – a metabolism booster

Breakfast is important, as it sets the tone for the rest of your day. You owe it to yourself to commit to making this ONE high-impact change. It’s a great time to start a new habit, so just do it! And let me know how it works out for you!

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