Online Class Equipment Requirements

Equipment Overview

Optimal Equipment is the equipment that we use at Sand and Steel.  It is usually the best equipment money can buy and is the best suited for these types of workouts.

Minimum Equipment: for some of our Online Fitness Classes, there are some types of equipment that will be used frequently.  Not having the minimum equipment may significantly impair the functionality of the workout.

Recommended Equipment means that the equipment is sometimes used and is generally not vital to the execution of the workout.

Fire Flow Equipment

Optimal Equipment

Yoga Mat

Two Cork Yoga Blocks

One Yoga Strap

Minimum Equipment

Yoga Mat

Recommended Equipment

Two Yoga Blocks

Yoga Straps

Butts & Guts Equipment

Optimal Equipment

Hip Thrust Barbell

Bumper Plates

Barbell Sponge

Hip Thruster Bench

5 Pack of mini bands

Dumbbell set 5-50lbs

Minimum Equipment

Olympic Barbell

Weight Plates

Barbell Sponge or some sort of padding for the bar

10-14 inch soft Bench or pad

Medium resistance mini band

Light, Medium, and Heavy Dumbbell or kettlebell

Recommended Equipment

Same as Minimum Equipment

CoreFit Equipment

Optimal Equipment

TRX Gen IV Suspension Trainer

TRX Rip Trainer

NextGen Bosu Ball

Rogue Competition Kettlebells 24KG, 16KG, 14KG, 12KG

Two 15lb Dumbbells

Minimum Equipment

TRX Gen III or GenIV Suspension Trainer, Jungle Gym Trainer, or a TRX Alternative like Keafols.  Alternatively, exercise tubing and Olympic rings can be used in place of a suspension trainer.

TRX Rip Trainer, Rip Trainer Alternative, or a Homemade Variation (one PVC, Two Zip Ties, and Two Exercise bands)

Any model Bosu Ball, Bosu Alternative or similar balance trainer

Any Cast Iron kettlebells Heavy, Medium, and Light

Any pair of light dumbbells

Recommended Equipment

Same as Minimum Equipment

Beyond Stretch Equipment

Optimal Equipment

Soft Gym Mat 6ft x 6ft

Two Massage Balls

Two Cork Yoga Blocks

Two Foam Yoga Blocks

One 5 foot PVC Pipe with 3/4 to 1 inch diameter

5 Pack of mini-bands

12 inch Triggerpoint Foam Roller

Padded Plyobox

Minimum Equipment

Yoga Mat or Carpet

PVC, Broomstick, or any type of pole

Any Brand Foam Roller

Recommended Equipment

Two Lacrosse Balls

Soft, elevated platform (e.g. a yoga mat on a chair)

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