Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher Manual

Sand & Steel specializes in forging elite personal trainers.  The Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher Manual is your guide for how to train clients, how to scale workouts, how to mobilize muscles and help clients recover from injuries.

Mentorship Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher Manual.

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Principles of Coaching @ Sand & Steel in 100 Words

Correcting, Seeing, and Teaching

Be assertive and direct with feedback. Short, simple, direct cues. Be relentless when correcting form. Use a tactile cue (touch) when a demonstration or auditory cue doesn’t work. Don’t cue if nothing is at fault. Confirm when a fault is corrected. If it is not corrected, continue to work with the client until it is the absolute best the client can do.

Plan your Workout

Minimize transition time. Know your client, their goals, injuries, strengths and weaknesses. Build the best workout possible, every time.

Principles of Mobility

The Exercise is the Test, and the Test is the Exercise.  Tight Muscles move joints into deformed positions.  Loose muscles allow joints to move into deformed positions.  Isometric holds and body weight exercises upregulate nervous response and create activation.  Rolling and stretching downregulate muscle and improve range of motion.

Sand & Steel All Star Coach

All Star Coach Criteria

Coaching Quality

  • Safe Movement: Injuries and how many sessions we lost.
  • Understanding the Exercises
  • Preparation for Sessions
  • Obtaining new certifications and pushing the envelope on how good of a coach you can be
  • Working on Mobility
  • Notes on Workouts (Write the actual workout the client does.  Write the actual mobility exercises.)

Client Organization

  • Maintaining client program sheets, proper notes, updating program sheet with specific warmups and exercises.
  • Conducting complete fitness assessments
  • Updating client program sheets timely
  • Organization of workout with other coaches
  • Helping other coaches when you have free time
  • Asking other coaches to help you when you need help
  • Teaching each other coaches what you know
  • Filling in for other coaches when a coach is sick

Customer Service

  • Client Retention
  • Properly and completely handling renewals
  • Contacting Dawn as soon as it’s learned that a client hasn’t renewed.
  • Learning what the clients need, and writing those goals into the client information packet.
  • Meeting your client.
  • Talking with all clients as clients of the gym.


  • Follow through on ideas,
  • Taking videos,
  • Taking photos,
  • Uploading media into Smugmug,
  • Writing blog posts.

Gym Operations

  • Organization of the gym equipment
  • Responding to emails completely and timely
  • Cleaning the gym
  • Opening and closing
  • Reviewing the Mentorship Manual


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