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Personal Trainer Resources

Overview. The following article and linked resources are useful for a personal trainer or someone looking to hire a personal trainer.  I’ve been a coach and personal trainer for over 10 years. I’ve seen amazing personal trainers, and I’ve seen coaches that have no business training anyone. 

Declaring yourself a personal trainer and having knowledge and experience to be successful are two different things.  Here’s the formula I use, and some of the best articles on personal training I have written.  I hope they are helpful for you:

Personal Trainer Resources Strength and Mobility Kettlebell

Personal Trainer Certifications

Personal Trainer Based Certifications

NCSA, NASM, and NCSF run the best personal training certifications in the business.  I’ve had about 100 coaches work for me, and it’s clear to that the coaches who have passed these certifications are much more informed than other certifications (ISSA, ACE, etc.)

Equipment Based Certifications

Starting Strength, CrossFit, TRX, RKC, and StrongFirst all offer excellent certifications.  I recommend you take at least one of these certifications before you start coaching anyone.

Mobility Based Certifications

FMS Level II is very good.  Also Kelly Starret’s Mobility Specialist Certification is excellent.  I also recommend a 200 Yoga teaching certification for coaches serious about helping clients with mobility.

Nutrition Based Certifications

Precision Nutrition is excellent.   John Berardi regularly write class leading articles and helps me stay abreast of the latest nutrition diet and prorgrams.

Personal Trainer Books & Blogs
Preparation and Organization

Preparation and Organization

I teach all of my personal trainers to:

  1. practice the workouts they are training their clients with the day before;
  2. select appropriate warm up and skill drills for the workout;
  3. make sure he or she has mobility exercises pre-selected;
  4. check if they are correctional exercises the client requires (wrist exercises, hip stretches, etc.)
  5. make the coach knows 3-4 scalings of an exercise in the event a client cannot execute the exercise properly;
  6. make sure he or she knows all the faults of the exercises;
  7. make sure he or she knows at least 2-3 cues to correct that fault.
Programming Guidelines

Considerations on Programming

Contrary to what Orange Theory or CrossFit fans may tell you, randomly performed workouts do not work well for very long.  Yes in the beginning at exercise is better than no exercise, but your progress will plateau very quickly.  Here are some tips for programming a workout program for your client:

  1. design all your programs that they are customized to a primary goal and secondary goal,
  2. address any imbalances the client may have in each workout with appropriate correctional exercises,
  3. design the workout so that it is appropriately scaled for the clients level of fitness,
  4. slowly increase complexity as the client learns more from his or her personal trainer.

The Get Healthy Stay Healthy Guide

Get Healthy Stay Healthy Guide Rectangle

A Curated List of Effective Workouts, Weight Loss Tips, and Lifehacks to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy.  The Get Healthy Stay Healthy Guide covers every personal training, yoga, nutrition, lifestyle, and health topic for all people.  It contains every secret, life-hack, and shortcut.  After two hours of Googling, you finally found it.  The Roadmap, Landmark Guide to Get Healthy Stay Healthy.

Senior Fitness Assessment For Senior Exercises

Senior Fitness and Senior Exercises

At Sand & Steel, the majority of my clients are in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Most people start feeling the effects of aging in their mid-thirties, but by age 50 they really start to notice a change.  It becomes harder to lose weight, injuries heal slower, and energy levels generally decline. If you are going to be working with clients in this age population, you’ll need to know how to perform a senior fitness assessment.  Here’s how it should be done.

Social Media For Personal Trainers

Burpees on social media basics

Deciphering Social Media Channels for Personal Trainers

Social Media can be tough to master for Personal Trainers.  That almost sounds like I am joking, but many of the coaches I have hired don’t even have a Facebook page!  So rather than providing a “technical” description of how to post on each channel … I’ve broken it down into a language any personal trainer can understand 🙂  Social Media in the language of the Burpee.

Powerlifting Alexandria VA

Powerlifting Back Squat Stength

Powerlifting is a strength based program focused on the Bench, Squat and Deadlift. In a powerlifting program, the athlete is focused on gaining strength using the prime moves of Deadlift, Bench, and Squat.  By adding in variations on the main lifts (Sumo Deadlift, Romanian, or Front Squat, Incline Bench etc) and adding accessory moves (Dumbell press, Pull ups, Tate Press etc), you quickly and consistently gain overall strength.  This article discuss several powerlifting programs in detail as well as how to perform several of key powerlifting exercises.

Squat Warm-up Routine

Squat Warmup Routine Mobility and Flexibility Kettle Bell Pistol Squat

Squat Warm-up Routine:

Warming up is essential to have a productive workout, and to limit injury risk. Their are many different styles of warm-ups, but today we are going to focus on a squat warm-up routine for mobility and flexibility. Before you get to the barbell or kettlebell it is important to get the body ready for action. You may not feel that you have any tight adductors or groin muscles, but they still could be holding back you squats. If you have the classic Butt Wink or limited squat depth then something is tight or not firing. Take the time to warm up and get your body set for squats. Squats a a great strength move and proper execution is key.

10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Hire Personal Trainer Poor Mans GHD with Rachel and Morgan

As the holidays gear up and you look towards New Year’s resolutions- can you benefit from a trainer? The answer is probably yes.

There are many reasons that hiring a Personal Trainer could be beneficial both for short term and long term periods. A personal trainer can do anything from teaching proper movement patterns to motivation. We break down the top 10 reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

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