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Many Thanks to our Military and Armed Forces for Keeping Us Safe! Let us Help you Stay Strong!  Save 15% with Coupon Code: Military Discount .  Sale Ends July 31.

Personal Training Coupon Code: Military Discount

All Armed Forces Receive a 15% discount on all items in our online shop.

Armed Forces include:
1. Active or retired military such as: Army, Navy, Air Force, or state/county police.
2. Spouses of Armed Forces
3. Parents or Children of military (e.g if you father or mother served in the Air Force.)

15% Percentage Discount
Military Discount
Armed Forces Discount
Expires Today

Military Discount Chris and Paul-1Discounted Personal Training for Military

Sand & Steel has trained men and women in all branches of the armed forces.  Military Personal Training Programs include General Physical Preparedness, Mobility Programs, and of course, Strength & Conditioning Programs.  After your building and improving your biomechanics, we enjoy cranking up the intensity just a bit.  We know you can handle it :-).

We Are Personal Trainers That Routinely Train Military and Armed Forces

About 15% of our regular client base is active or retired military.  Members in the Army, Navy, or Armed Forces have some special needs … we get that.  That’s why we build custom programs for our Armed Forces clients and have a specialized fitness benchmark.

Military Discount for Preparation of Armed Forces Tests

Looking to ace that next fitness test?  Whether it’s the Functional Movement Screen, a physical fitness exam, or even an obstacle course.  We build Military Training Program to suit the particular environment you are going to be tested in.  This optimizes your time and helps you do as well as possible.

The Only Thing Not Discounted is Your Safety – Military Discount

We understand that your job can be very physical.  Injuries can lead to missed opportunities and even demotions in certain circumstances.  That’s we have developed a proprietary Fitness Assessment.   The Assessment helps us find weaknesses that can degrade performance and also lead to future injuries if not corrected.  So we use this Assessment to build your program and help you start moving better and getting stronger.

About Paul. Personal Trainer

Paul Bio PictureView my Bio | Email me  | Newsletter
BioMedical Engineering - Johns Hopkins University.
Juris Doctorate - Rutgers.
Yoga, M|WOD, CrossFit Level II, 3DMAPS, FMT, FMSII, YBT, RKC, TRX, PN.

Paul has trained over 3000 clients and more than a 100 personal trainers over his 10 years as a mobility and strength coach.  He emphasizes safety and corrective exercises in all programming (strength, weight loss, conditioning, etc.)  His practice focuses on improving flawed movement patterns to prevent injury and improve skeletal-muscular function.  Paul employs a balanced approach in training utilizing his training Yoga, CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Movement Courses to systematically strengthen weakened muscles and mobilize joints and muscle tissue.  Move Better ... Train Better.

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