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Brock Flint
Brock Flint

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Sand and Steel Fitness is a great gym with an excellent coaching staff. Paul has incredible knowledge to help you with any mobility problems you have. He is also capable of designing a program that fits your needs and goals specifically.

Dawn is an excellent programmer as well, she is able to create strength programs spanning the spectrum of novice to experienced weight lifter. Overall their coaching staff is professional, kind, and highly experienced.

The amount of equipment they have is amazing allowing one to train every muscle in the body, even the ones you never thought you had! If you are looking for a gym to help motivate you to work out Sand and Steel is your gym! If you just reached a plateau and want to ascend to the next level, you should stop in and see Paul or Dawn!


5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

I have very much enjoyed my workouts at Sand and Steel. It's a great crew, with professional coaches and knowledgeable expertise. I'm addicted to my program, and it's exciting seeing and feeling results of hard work.

Since I started training with Sand and Steel a couple of months ago, I've had the opportunity to train with Rachel, Max, Alex, and Dawn. I learn something every time I train, and I appreciate the variety of instruction from each of the separate coaches. I look forward to all my sessions -- something that I never thought I'd say, when workouts start at 6A! I appreciate the same level of focus and dedication from the coaches, that I give to the workouts twice a week.

Sand and Steel coaches are well-versed in technique and repercussions of different movements; they’re dedicated to ensuring that I get the max out of my workout, and I appreciate their attention to detail, as well as their motivating attitudes.

Thanks to Dawn and Paul -- to the both of you, as well as the coaches that you hire -- for providing amazing talent, and kick ass workouts. You have a great thing going, and I'm excited to be part of it!

Jason Fu
Jason Fu

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

If you're looking for high quality exercise and nutrition guidance from knowledgeable, personable, and capable trainers, then I highly recommend giving Sand & Steel Fitness a try. You will be safely pushed to your limits and there's a good chance that you will enjoy it! Ask for Paul. He's a good person and he knows and loves what he's doing to help people achieve their fitness goals! I'm sure he can help you whatever your level.

I have been close friends with Paul, co-owner and trainer of Sand & Steel Fitness, since middle school on Long Island. I recently visited him during a trip down to NC. Paul and Dawn have created an amazing gym. Paul was always passionate and competitive about fitness. He sets the bar high for himself in all of his goals, and I am sure he helps his clients do the same for themselves. Paul told me that it feels good to help others and he is confident in his ability to do so.

After catching up and giving me a tour, Paul invited me to join him in his workout. As expected, the gym is in immaculate condition and spotlessly clean. It has to be clean because Paul is very sensitive to dust.

Also of no surprise was that all of the equipment and apparatus is of the highest quality. Paul always believed in having the best for the activities and hobbies he cared about. This high standard also applies to the quality of the trainers that Paul hires and teaches, as well as the programs and supplements offered at Sand & Steel.

Paul's mother is a dietitian so Paul was always conscious about health and nutrition. Paul probably learned a thing or two about health and fitness while earning a degree in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins.

Edit: I stopped by a second time on my way back north and got to do a second workout with Paul and another trainer Max. Max is very nice! I had never done any of the exercises in either of the two workouts. It was fun and challenging! I haven't been to a gym in 7 years and I don't miss it. There is a stark contrast between Sand & Steel and your typical gym. I wouldn't get bored at Sand & Steel.

June Turner
June Turner

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

In my opinion, Paul and his team are the best in the business. As someone who has had many injuries and stubborn weight loss issues, I cannot be more pleased with my results. I have spent thousands of $$$ on personal training over the course of my life - looking for that special trainer. Then I discovered Sand and Steel. There is NO comparison. These guys and gals know their stuff!!! This has been the best investment in my life - with their help, I am on a path that has helped me lose weight, gain strength, walk better, less pain, more confident, etc. I am in my mid-50s so this is no easy feat! I could go on and on with all the benefits. I am thrilled with my results. Most would agree, "the greatest wealth is health," so if you really want to "reach for the moon" as far as your health goes, look no further. You might just make it to the stars!!!

Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Before I started as a personal trainer at Sand and Steel Fitness, I was a member of different Crossfit gyms in the area. I thought I knew about all there is to know about functional fitness. When I went into my interview, everything changed within minutes. A lot of different equipment that I'd never seen was hanging out in every corner. Paul, the co-owner and I went through the Sand and Steel 300 workout that first day and I was smoked!

I also went through the Functional Movement Screening which is an assessment used to identify faulty movement patterns or, in my case, weaker areas in my body. I was blown away that I couldn't lift a light dumbbell performing a simple upper back exercise. It was just an area that wasn't worked much in my previous Crossfit experience.

Another factor that definitely impressed me was that although Paul and Dawn have a myriad of certifications, they are still signing up for more. Continuing Education is the name of the game in today's fitness world and it's great to be immersed in that culture.

Ryan S.'s Review Ryan S.
5 Stars

I've been working out with Sand and Steel for just over three months, and I've been very happy with their training programs, trainers and results to date....

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Sarah R.'s Review Sarah R.
5 Stars

I started at Sand and Steel almost two months ago and love it. The workouts are unique to you and your abilities which is my favorite part. Rachel is...

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Steve S.'s Review Steve S.
5 Stars

I have been working with the staff at Sand & Steel since November of last year. What began as a desire to work off a few pounds and build some muscle has...

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Couldn’t ask for more personalized personal training!(*)

“I’ve been going to S & S for over two years now. They’ve helped me get, and stay, in the best shape of my life! I’m never bored, I feel safe because they have an eye for making sure you use correct form, and I’m constantly challenged.” Also, I’ve had multiple soccer injuries over the … View All "Couldn’t ask for more personalized personal training!(*)"

Sara F.
June 18, 2017

Valuable Personalized Training(*)

“I have been with S&S for nearly a year and I like the personalized training I get from Paul and his team. They work with you based on your fitness level but also work to help you make the right improvements.” S&S has helped me get better with my mobility (the Mobility Sessions with Paul … View All "Valuable Personalized Training(*)"

M. Banks
May 10, 2017

Get Steel Strong – 3 Month Review – Just Twice a Week Works(*)

Before and After Weight Loss

“Three few months ago I walked into Sand & Steel with an unhealthy lifestyle, old injuries slowing me down, and a ton of ignorance — in other words, the quintessential gym noob. Thanks to the entire team I am now a better eater plus more mobile, fit, and knowledgeable (and slightly less noobish).” Paul is … View All "Get Steel Strong – 3 Month Review – Just Twice a Week Works(*)"

Aaron Bush
April 12, 2017

Blessed by the Sand and Steel Workout Gods(*)

Barbell Strength Training Antionette

“Started with Sand and Steel, back in January.  I was just a kid with a dream to succeed in the EMT/ fire service.  After 3 months, attempting to train myself with no clear results showing. I came to the conclusion that I would need a much wider network of help to achieve my goals.”  I … View All "Blessed by the Sand and Steel Workout Gods(*)"

Antinette Wallace
March 5, 2017

I’m down 15 pounds and still dropping. – Mike D (*)

Mobility and Personal Training

“I’ve been going to gyms for over ten years 2-3 months at a time, and rarely saw improvement.  I didn’t prioritize exercise or a properly structured diet It just took too much time and there is too much contradictory information online.)  As a result I gained about 20 lbs pounds of body fat.  With a” … View All "I’m down 15 pounds and still dropping. – Mike D (*)"

Mike D.
December 12, 2016

I love sand and steel fitness (*)

Personal Training Alexandria

“I have been working out with Dawn and Paul for 3 months now and I have seen results.  I hired them as they do all my favorites, insanity, crossfit and kettlebell training.  I was injured while doing crossfit and wanted to get back into it doing modifications to the workouts.  Dawn and Paul both push” … View All "I love sand and steel fitness (*)"

Stephanie Kurka
December 11, 2016

An Exceptional Experience! (*)

“I thought for a long time that I was keeping myself in shape by maintaining a workout at home that involved some weights, calisthenics, and a (somewhat) disciplined nutrition plan. But time, metabolism, and my minimalistic approach to working out, just wasn’t getting the job done. After researching alternatives, I came across Sand and Steel”, … View All "An Exceptional Experience! (*)"

Steve S.
December 11, 2016

Personal Training Prices Alexandria VA 22314 Pricing

5 Star Yelp Reviews
5 Star Google Reviews
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5 Star Angie's List Reviews

"In late March 2015, I was looking for a personal trainer to help me get back in shape to avoid further injuries on the basketball court, and I was SO lucky to have found Sand & Steel Fitness. Paul and Dawn have created a fitness and nutrition program that can be tailored to your unique needs and goals. I feel healthier and stronger than I have in the last few years. Before S&S, I felt like my workouts were inefficient and ineffective but not anymore...the S&S workouts are fun and exhausting and will make you feel accomplished and energized! The full program (fitness and nutrition) is particularly effective if you are prepared to fully commit to sticking with it. And, all of the trainers are knowledgeable and personable - a special shout out to Rachel and Max! 🙂 This is the best place to go if you're ready to make real lasting changes to your lifestyle." - Jennifer J.


"Paul is Absolutely Phenomenal. I came in thinking I know everything because I work for GNC and am a personal trainer as well and was absolutely shocked at the knowledge I gained in just 1 hour! I have an entirely different outlook on nutrition, made a complete diet change, and learned things I was doing wrong that I coulda swore I was doing right. The nutrition session led to a meal plan that I will be revolving my life around for years to come. Couldn't have been more pleased and being in this business for 7 plus years I would recommend over anyone!" - Anthony Wilson


"Sand and Steel has a very impressive and professional staff. I found them to be knowledgeable, great listeners and awesome motivators.  The instructors here have extensive backgrounds in exercise science and nutrition. They provide workouts to cater to each individual's needs whether it be general fitness, functional training, weight loss, rehabilitative, high intensity , cross fit etc...Some of the equipment used included kettle bells, maces, suspension training and the list goes on and on. If your looking to build muscle and burn fat Sand and Steel is the place to be."  - William Sean Cutter


Personal Training Prices Alexandria VA 22314 Pricing

XT60: Custom Personal Training Programming

Over 30 Different Personal Training Programs (More than 600 complete workouts), plus the Tools and Experience to Place You Into the Best Program For Your Fitness Level.

Level 1 Functional Strength:  Difficulty: Absolute beginner.  Programming: designed for people who are totally out of shape and want to get their body into shape to move and feel better. Primary purpose is to protect the body (durability) from sports injuries.  Program strengthens Glutes, Core, Grip, and Shoulders.

Level 1 Weight Loss:  Difficulty: Beginner.  Programming: designed for people who have done a little bit on their own (or finished the Level 1 Functional Strength Program.)  Programs primary goal is weight loss with a secondary emphasis on Glutes, Core, Grip, and Shoulders.

Level 2:  Difficulty: Advanced Beginner.  Introduces more complex movements to build balance and confidence in lifts.

Level 3:  Difficulty: Intermediate.  Tough workouts focused on the Glute and Core.  Build upper body through Dumbbell and Barbell Movements

Transformation Series I, II, and III

Transformation Series I: Difficulty: Intermediate.  This is the program that put us on the map!  See a full preview on our workouts page.  Tested by over 500 hundred athletes: our transformation programming is second to none.  Strength Training, CoreFit, Cardio Training, and CrossFit metabolic conditioning to provide total body transformation (builds muscle and burn fat.)

Transformation Series II: Difficulty: Advanced.  Tougher movements with increased focus on grip strength and balance.  Expect some tough CrossFit Workouts, Some Killer (and we mean killer) core workouts, and use of Club Bells and Vipers for Conditioning.

Transformation Series III: Difficulty: Rockstar.  Boxing Workouts, Gymnastics Metcons, and Landmine Workouts combine deliver our stage III transformation program.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Advanced Metcon Series:

Difficulty: Intermediate.  Get Ready to Shred.  This is our CrossFit and CoreFit blended metabolic conditioning series.  You'll sweat... a lot.  Nonstop calories burning for 60 minutes.

Functional Strength Training Series I and II: Mixes strength training, CrossFit, Core Training, and Grip Training to provide a varied program of strength training.  This program helps improve coordination, and is excellent for someone who gets bored in more conventional routines.

Hypertrophy: means building muscle, and it requires specific movements, time under tension, and volume to be the most effective.

Twice a Week BodyBuilder: Uses lower and upperbody splits to get the most of out of your two days in the gym.

Super Mass: featuring tried and true bodybuilding methods with some unique twists to increase the challenge, such as the overwarmup, 3-50 sets, and 50% sets, the Super Mass program will redefine how you lift, and make you better.

Fundamentals of Bodybuilding: Optimized for people who want to increase muscle size and can train 3 times per week.

Paul's Python Program: Paul did the impossible and integrated CrossFit Gymnastics into a Body Building program.  It's an advanced program with 100% of movement dedicated to building size.

Yoga at Sand & Steel is Exciting, Challenging, and Extremely Effective at Building Core, Mobility, and Shoulder Strength.

If you've been bored at Yoga in the past, you haven't done it hear.  Our Yoga is just as tough as our CrossFit Training.  Of course, if you're not in great shape yet, we'll select an easier flow for you.  Like all of our training it's customized to your level.

Yoga Programs

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Power yoga
  • Yoga for athletes
  • Inversions- Eka Pada Koundinyasana
  • Restorative yoga
  • TRX Yoga

Roberts Strength and Conditioning: Uses Every Minute on the Minute timing for three complex movements (e.g. Snatches, Bench, etc.) to provide massive gains in strength.  Each workout finishes with an 10-12 minute AMRAP.  This is the Roberts Strength and Conditioning System, you better be ready to bring it.

Our Injured Athlete Programming is designed to keep you making gains even when you have an injury.  We partner with some of the best physical therapists and chiropracters to bring these workout systems.  The time you really need a coach is when you are recovering from a surgery or injury and that's where our customized programming shines.  Sample Programs include:

  • Knee Recovery Series
  • Shoulder Strength Training
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • No Shoulder Workouts
  • One Hand Workouts
  • Core Recovery and Postpartum Workouts

5/3/1 PowerLifting: uses the 5/3/1 volume and frequency method for the Squats, Bench, Deadlift, and press to provide rapid strength improvements.

WestSide “Conjugate” Strength Training: uses the Westside method to build strength through the use of band and chain resisted movements. 4 day cycle involving two max effort days, and 2 dynamic effort days

CrossFit Gymnastics: Toes to Bar, Hand Stand Walks, Ring Muscle-ups, and more.  If it's in the CrossFit Games, we can do it.  Rings, Parallettes, and More.  No experience necessary.

Transformation Series I-III
Functional Strength Training I-II
Westside “Conjugate” Strength Training I-IV
Level I - Functional Strength
Level I - Weight Loss
Level II
Level III Anderson Glute and Core
CoreFit - TRX Suspension and Rip Training
CrossFit Gymnastics
Weight Loss: Advanced Metcon Series

Hypertrophy: 2 Day Body Builder I-III
Hypertrophy: Super Mass
Hypertrophy: Fundamentals Bodybuilding
Hypertrophy: The Python Program I-IV
Roberts Strength and Conditioning I-VII
Injured Athlete Series
Hand & Shoulder Injury
Knee Injury Series
Total Body Blaster
5/3/1 Power Lifting System

Hotel Workouts- Gym Series
Hotel Workouts- Room Series
Grip Master Series
Shoulder Strength Series
Shoulder Mobility Series
Leg Prehab
Balance Series

Personal Training Prices Alexandria VA