Our Signature Transformation Program

Completely integrated transformation program including:

Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching

Mobility and Muscle Therapy

Diagnostics and Testing

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Weight Loss and Mobility Versions

Nutrition & Weight Loss Version

Our signature transformation program with nutrition counseling:

  • Fitness: 8 Personal Training Sessions per Month.
  • Nutrition: 2 Nutrition Sessions per Month.
  • 1 InBody Body Composition Scan per Month

Mobility & Muscle Therapy Version

Move Better. Fix Injuries. Get Strong

  • Fitness: 8 Personal Training Sessions per Month.
  • Mobility and Muscle Therapy: 2 sessions per Month
  • 1 Mobility Screen per Month

Get Steel Strong Sign-up Bonuses

  • 2 Custom home or travel workouts ($149 value)
  • Free Month of online nutrition and personal training via procoach ($149 value)
  • 60 Minute Consultation Session ($85 value)

Your First Month

In your first month, we do one nutrition screen, one mobility screen (the FMS/YBT screen), and 1 InBody Scan.  You’ll learn a tremendous amount about nutrition and your own mobility limitations in these two sessions.  Together, they’ll allow your coach to recommend a nutrition or mobility focus for your second month.

How long is the Contract?

It’s six months. If you need a shorter version, we’ll have to create a custom package for you (additional monthly fee will apply).

What kind of results can I expect?

Average weight loss on this system is 30-40 pounds of fat and an increase in 10-12 pounds of muscle.

What Kind of Personal Training is Included?

The kind that you want/need. We have over 40 personal training programs available.  From entry level programs like Zero2Fit to our most intense Transformation program StronbyPaul we have a veritable armada of personal training programs to choose from.  Some feature power lifting, some TRX Suspension and Rip Training, some feature CrossFit.  What’s important is that we have a tested program for your level and goals.  More than that, our program is an outline of the workouts.  Your coach will still custom scale the program to your individual level and mobility needs.

How do I Choose a Personal Training Program?

You’ll partake in our proprietary Fitness Performance Benchmark (FPB) during you first two sessions.  The FPB is highly detailed and will change your mobility, balance, strength, coordination, and endurance.  Combined with our client intake questionnaire it provides us with a blueprint of your current fitness level, and it allows us to easily select the best program for you.  We have put hundreds of clients through this method, and the FPB nails the right program every time — it’s turn key.

Additional Terms and Conditions

All sessions must be scheduled in person, through our web portal, or through our iphone/android app. 24 hr notice to change session time via web portal/ iPhone app.  No modifications or cancellations can be made to the program. Sessions do not roll over.  Unused sessions expire automatically.  No coupons or discounts can be applied to this program.  Get Steel Strong is an individual program, there is no partner version.  There are no substitutions between nutrition, personal training, and InBody sessions.  There are no time extensions permitted in this program.  You must keep an active credit card on file.  We do not take checks, debit card, or American Express.

What if I want more than 8 Personal Training per Month?

We can create a custom package for you, we’ll discuss this with during your consultation.

Get Steel Strong System

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Results May 2016-May 2017

230 Clients - Get Steel Strong Clients


4616 Pounds of Fat Lost (2016)


1817 Pounds of Muscle Gained (2016)


InBody 570 Body Fat, Muscle, inflammation

Measurements Courtesy of Our InBody 570