WOD 802 – Dumbbells for All

Complete 4 rounds of the following – 3 minute time limit/round

I)   1a) 12 Dumbbell Squat (20lb-30)lb
      1b) Dumbbell Good Morning 4x 12(15lb-25lb)
     –Side Skater 60sec- -Rest 30secs-
II) 2a) Dumbbell Floor Press 4x 12 (10lb-20lb)
      2b) Plank Wrist Taps 4x 20
     –Side skater 60secs–Rest 30sec-
III) 3a) Weighted Split Squat 4x 10 Each leg (5lb-15lb)
        3b) Russian Twists with Dumbbell or medicine ball 4 x20


Analysis: Proof that one can do an amazing workout with just one piece of equipment.  If you need to up the intensity, try burpees instead of the skater, or even dumbbell burpees.

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