WOD 500 – Pole Position

  1. 10 Minutes: EMOM
    1. 6 Chin Ups + 30 Reps Jump Rope
  2. 5 Minutes to Complete
    1. 80 Club Bell Swing to Gada Strike #25
  3. 20 TRX Pushup Pikes with 5 second Pause in full height Pike
  4. 10 TRW Wheel Barrel Walkout with 4 Pushups at top and Bottom
  5. 4 Rounds of 20 Rip Trainer Pitchfork, Plyo Pitchfork, and High Row

Analysis: These workouts are designed for clients that prefer to work their whole body in a high intensity series of mid to advanced workouts

Are you an Expert on one of these moves?

Send a youtube link to your video performing the movement, and we’ll add you to the page, and give you a credit on the sidebar.

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