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Diet and Weight Loss Programs

Diet & Weight Loss Programs

BluePrint: customizable diet and weight loss programs for looking good, feeling good, and losing weight. Improve performance through our sustainable diet program.  We include a complimentary InBody Scan with your nutrition session to track body fat loss and muscle mass gains.  We use the results from the InBody Body Composition Scan to adjust your diet and dial in the weight loss programming.

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Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessment for Functional Movement

Our comprehensive system that finds faults in movement patterns that weaken performance and create risk of injury. The Sand & Steel Fitness Assessment analyzes: Biomechanics & Muscle Function, Cellular Energy Generation, Fitness Capacity, Mobility and Flexibility, and Proper Execution of Functional Exercise Patterns.

Get the information you need to prevent injury, get stronger, and maximize your potential.

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Mobility Flexibility Training

Movement and Flexibility Training

Our mobility sessions combine: Kelly Starret’s MWOD Programming, Kit Laughlin’s Partner Flexibility and Stretching Methodology, Muscle Energy Techniques, Gray Cook’s FMS corrective exercises, Gray Institute’s 3DMAPS, and Advanced yoga postures.  Mobility training helps you move better with more strength consistency.

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InBody Scan

InBody 570 Body Composition Scan

Percent Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Chronic Inflammation, Segmental Muscle Analysis, Segmental Fat Analysis, Visceral Fat Level, and Basal Metabolic Rate

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RockTape Roll

Rocktape Roll

Pricing includes professional application and Rock Sauce Application.  Professional application to the designated area is included for the life of your Rocktape Roll.

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Alexandria Running Club

Alexandria Running Club in Old Town

Our beginner run club is a great place to make friends, lose weight, and learn to run.  Absolutely no experience is necessary.  Many of our runs are walk / runs and are less than an hour long.

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Body Building Fundamentals

Bodybuilding Fundamentals Program

Six complete workouts.  Each workout takes about an hour to complete.  Repeat the program twice, and you’ll have a whole month of programming ready to go.

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Prize Wheel

Prize Wheel

Prizes such as free personal training, private yoga session, or one-on-one mobility session.  Even get a free private Animal Flow workshop with Paul.

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Partner Training

Partner Personal Training

Sessions are 60 minutes long.  Programming includes weight-loss, strength, conditioning, and bodybuilding.  In-Person Personal Partner Training with 2 clients per session.

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Personalized Workout Plan

Personalized Workout Plan

Designed for you, built by Sand & Steel.  We build workout plans of all types for all level athletes.  Strength, Weight Loss, Mobility, Flexibility, Yoga, etc.  We build programs for people of all fitness levels, with injuries, for competitions, etc.  No Monthly fees.

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Sandbell Sandbag Workout Program

Sandbell | Sandbag Workout Program

The Fast and the Fit.  Advanced Level.  High Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss.  10 unique, sweat drenching workouts that you can do anywhere.  Excellent for travel and hotels.

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Online Workouts

Online Total Body 20 DAY Shred Program

20 of our best home and commercial gym workouts!  Use them as often as you like.

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Mentorship Program

Personal Training, Movement and Yoga Mentorship

Our Personal Trainer training program and certification.  From Kettlebells to Asanas, the mentorship personal training and yoga program will provide you with the one-on-one training experience you need to coach at Sand & Steel.  Plus, once you have coached 500 hours for us, you’ll receive a bonus equal to your mentorship cost.

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Protein Powder Whey Isolate Steeltech

100% Whey Isolate Protein

Summary: SteelTech Pure 100% Isolate Whey is optimized as a maximum performance/ultra clean product.   As a 100% pure whey isolate, SteelTech is optimized to be used immediately before and after workouts.  Sand & Steel Whey proteins do not contain any added sugar, corn syrup, or transfats.

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Shaker Bottle

Sand & Steel Blender Bottle

Our blender bottles are made by the Blender Bottle company.  They represent some of the most durable shaker bottles on the market.  Each blender bottles comes with a steel shaker for breaking up protein.

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Sand & Steel T-Shirts

Our T-Shirts are the stretchy kind with sweat-wicking technology.  Technically, they are triple blend combed cotton.  Pre-washed and Preshrunk.  They are awesome.

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Donations and Custom Orders

Sand & Steel is a small business owned by two people.  So donations are always welcome.  We use the money to pay for reviews we write, maintain the website, update gear, etc.  Plus, if you are asking us to do something (e.g. review your new workout software), we prioritize your request based on your review amount.  Thanks in advance for supporting Sand & Steel.

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Drinks (Protein Shakes & Water)

Choose your drink via the dropdown menu

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