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Personal Training Session$80One-on-One Private Personal Training, 60 Minute Sessions, Custom built and scaled workout program, Flexibility, Strength, Corrective Exercises.Pricing Depends on number of sessions purchased
Starter Pack Pro$320Programming Consult, Fitness Assessment, 2 Personal Training Sessions, InBody 570 Composition Scan with Report, Intro Nutrition Consult, 1 Month of Online Workouts. Recommended New Client Package.New Clients Only
Personal Training TRXStarter Pack 3 Pack$2551 Programming Consult, 3 Personal Training Sessions.New Clients Only
Get Steel Strong Square ChalkGet Steel Strong$850VIP Service, 8 Personal Training Sessions per Month, 2 Nutrition or Mobility Sessions per Month, 2 InBody Scans per Month, Complimentary Access to our Online WorkoutsGet Steel Strong is a monthly program priced at $850 per month for six months. Unused sessions do not roll over and they expire at the end of each month.
Personal Training Studio SquareHealthy Meetings for Hotels & Workplaces$100-$200 per MeetingBuild a positive employee experience at your next corporate meeting. We provide health and wellness workshop in your next meeting.Various workshops available such as movement, yoga, partner training, nutrition, and pose running.
Partner TrainingPartner Training$130Sessions are 60 minutes long. Programming includes weight-loss, strength, conditioning, and bodybuilding. In-Person Personal Partner Training with 2 clients per session.Pricing is per couple.
Origin Nutrition Coaching Alexandria VA Meal PlanningNutrition Coaching$99Analyze your current eating habits to reduce body fat, Help you create a detailed food journal to facilitate weight loss, Meal Plan: Use that journal to create you a custom meal plan, Teach you how to safely change that meal plan, Make updates for restaurants and travel on a diet, Build you a compliance sheet so you can food shop and cook effectively.Nutrition Sessions Include an InBody Scan ($70 Value)
InBody 570 Body Composition ScanInBody Scan$70Percent Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Chronic Inflammation, Segmental Muscle Analysis, Segmental Fat Analysis, Visceral Fat Level, and Basal Metabolic RateInclude 30 Minute Consult
Fitness Assessment SquareFitness Assessment$100Our comprehensive system that finds faults in movement patterns that weaken performance and create risk of injury. The Sand & Steel Fitness Assessment analyzes: Biomechanics & Muscle Function, Cellular Energy Generation, Fitness Capacity, Mobility and Flexibility, and Proper Execution of Functional Exercise Patterns.Get the information you need to prevent injury, get stronger, and maximize your potential.
MWOD Mobility ToolsMobility, Flexibility, and Muscle Therapy$99Our mobility sessions combine: Kelly Starret’s MWOD Programming, Kit Laughlin’s Partner Flexibility and Stretching Methodology, Muscle Energy Techniques, Gray Cook’s FMS corrective exercises, Gray Institute’s 3DMAPS, and Yoga Asanas and Flows.Repair injuries and improve range of motion. Move better and more safely.
Personalized Workout PlansPersonalized Workout Plan$99Custom Workout Programs designed by Sand & Steel for you. We build workout plans of all types for all level athletes. Strength, Weight Loss, Mobility, Flexibility, etc.We build programs for people with injuries, etc. You will be getting a custom-designed monthly program designed by Paul based on the intake questionnaire you fill out.
Online Workouts Programs LogoOnline Workouts$15Strength and conditioning workouts for home, hotel gym, or commercial gym. Each workout includes demonstrations on how to perform the technique. The 20 DAY SHRED workouts were specifically chosen to effective at nearly all fitness levels.Subscribe through Vimeo (monthly or per video)
Mentorship Program for Personal TrainersMentorship Program$50The Mentorship Program is designed for Personal Trainers who want to take their coaching skills to the next level.Variable Pricing Depending on Type of Mentorship
Protein Powder Whey IsolateProtein Powder$34.99Ultra Clean Protein, 25 Grams of Protein, 110 Calories, Easy digesting > 1 gram of lactose, No Fat or added Sugar, Complete Amino Acid ProfileSummary: SteelTech Pure 100% Isolate Whey is optimized as a maximum performance/ultra clean product. As a 100% pure whey isolate, SteelTech is optimized to be used immediately before and after workouts. No added sugar, corn syrup, or transfats.
Shaker Bottle WooCommerceShaker Bottle$8Sand & Steel Blender BottleBlender Bottle Shaker with metal shaker ball.
T-ShirtT-Shirts$20Sand & Steel T-ShirtVarious Colors and Styles Available.