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Gym Tour & Nutrition

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Gym Tour

Free Consultation
  • Discuss Your Programming
  • Tour the Gym
  • Get Customized Recommendations
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Nutrition Coaching

Customized Meal Plans
$ 75
  • Accountability: Work One-on-One With a Coach
  • Specific: Based on Your Goals (Weight Loss, Inflammation, Increase Muscle, Lower Cholesterol)
  • Customized: food sensitivities and special requirements
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Fitness Classes

All Fitness Classes are included with your memberships including our Online Fitness classes.  With our combo membership, you can book also book Open Gym.

Fitness Classes

All In-Person and Online Classes
$ 35
  • Unlimited
  • In-Person Fitness Classes
  • Online Fitness Classes

Combo 2

All Classes & Open Gym
$ 19
  • 2 Sessions of:
  • In-Person Fitness Classes
  • Online Fitness Classes
  • Open Gym

Combo 3

All Classes & Open Gym
$ 25
  • 3 Sessions of:
  • In-Person Fitness Classes
  • Online Fitness Classes
  • Open Gym

Combo Unlimited

All Classes & Open Gym
$ 39
  • Unlimited
  • In-Person Classes
  • Online Classes
  • Open Gym
CrossFit Pricing Information

Sand and Steel Fitness charge $35/week ($140 / month) for unlimited CrossFit Classes in Alexandria VA.  Other CrossFit Gyms in Alexandria VA, Fairfax VA, and Arlington VA charge around $225-$250/month.

Personal Training

Book any private session such as in-person personal training sessions, online personal training, nutrition sessions, private yoga, Private Boxing Lessons, etc.

Personal Training 4

Book any Private Session
$ 75 Per Session
  • Once Per Week
  • Four 45-Minute Sessions
  • $300 Total

Personal Training 8

Book any Private Session
$ 70 Per Session
  • Twice Per Week
  • Eight 45-Minute Sessions
  • $560 Total
Best Value Per Session

Personal Training 12

Book any Private Session
$ 65 Per Session
  • Three Times Per Week
  • Twelve 45-Minute Sessions
  • $780 Total
Fastest Results

Open Gym & Workout Plans

Open Gym

Great for Powerlifting and CrossFit Workouts
$ 15 Weekly
  • Unlimited Open Gym
  • Two Hours Daily
  • Reserve Online

Workout Plans

Great for Open Gym
$ 7.50 Weekly
  • Programs are 8-16 workouts a month.
  • Program provided via SugarWOD.
  • Performance Tracking Included.

Open Gym Plus

Barbell Club & Iron Mind Grip Club
$ 5 Weekly
  • Premier Barbells & Bumpers Plates
  • IronMind Grip Equipment
  • Texas Power Bar & Rogue Barbells

InBody Scan & Owners Training

InBody Scans: Once you purchase your InBody Scan, you’ll automatically be sent an email with scheduling instructions.

Owners Training: If you’d like to work one-on-one with Paul Roberts, book your session with the “Book It” button below.

InBody Scan

Includes a Full Consult
$ 35 One Time Payment
  • Percent Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Chronic Inflammation, Segmental Muscle Analysis
  • Segmental Fat Analysis, Visceral Fat Level, and Basal Metabolic Rate

Owners Training

Train with the Head Coach
$ 100 Per Session
  • Book your training sessions one on one with Paul Roberts.
  • Owners sessions are customized to you individually and can include any style of personal training, yoga or mobility

Day Passes

You are required to attend a gym tour before you can use a day pass.

Open Gym

Two Hours
$ 7.50
  • Day Pass for 2 Hours of Open Gym
  • Expires 2 Days from Date of Purchase

Fitness Class

Any Fitness Class
$ 15
  • Day Pass for Fitness Classes
  • Expires 2 Weeks from Date of Purchase

Personal Training

One Session
$ 99
  • Day Pass for 1 Personal Training Session
  • Expires 4 Weeks from Date of Purchase
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