Beginner CrossFit Strong Powerlifting


Our Beginner Powerlifting Class focuses on teaching the foundational powerlifts & Olympic lifts. This beginner strength class includes mobility training to improve your shoulder mobility, core strength, and hip control.

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Beginner CrossFit Strong

Join Coach Paul in our Beginner #CrossFit #Strong #Powerlifting Class. You’ll learn how to perform powerlifting and #strength training safely. Plus, the Strong Class includes mobility work on shoulders, core strength, and hip control. Beginner Strong focuses on the 4 major lifts of powerlifting, the Olympic lifts, and common variations like the front squat and sumo deadlift. In Beginner CrossFit Strong we build up your functional strength in your hips, shoulders, and core with numerous corrective exercises. Learn to get Strong safely with Coach Paul.

Below is an overview of the programming.  In general, we practice a major powerlift or Olympic lift.  We go over the technique of the lift, and help you improve your lift.  We’ll score your lift, and we move on to mobility and corrective exercises.  These exercises help you improve your technique and help you build your overall strength.


Functional Movement Screen: WOD 1200

FMS Score Report Sheet
FMS Score Report

The Functional Movement Screen is a 7 Element Test.  The FMS Test primarily measures mobility and stability of functional patterns.

  1. Overhead Squat
  2. In-line Lunge
  3. Hurdle Step
  4. Active Straight Leg Raise
  5. Trunk Stability Pushup
  6. Shoulder Mobility
  7. Rotary Stability

Each movement is scored from 0-3.  The maximum score you get is 21.  Use the FMS Scoring Sheet to score your diagnostic screen.

Back Squat and Lateral Flexion Control 1201

5 x 5 Back Squat

Lateral Flexion and Rotation Control 1201

24 Minutes EMOM

  • Side Bends with Dumbbell Left & Right
  • Step-ups with one dumbbell Left and Right
  • Chop up Concentric Left & Right
  • Chop up Eccentric Left & Right

Deadlift and Shoulder Health 1202

5 x 5 Deadlift

Grip Strength & Tennis Elbow

  • Wrist Roller Forward
  • Wrist Roller Reverse
  • Strength Gripper
  • Fat Bar Hold
  • Twist Yo Wrist Forward
  • Twist Yo Wrist Reverse
  • Arm Maid
  • Zenith Gripper

Rotational Power and Core Flexion 1203

3 Minutes On: 1 Minute Rest

  • TRX Rip Stack,
  • TRX Rip Punch,
  • TRX Rip Reverse Twist
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Isometric Twist
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Side Bends
  • Chop Down Concentric L & R
  • Chop Down Eccentric L & R
  • Chop Transverse Concentric L & R
  • Chop Eccentric Concentric L & R

Every minute you switch exercises.

Bench Press and Shoulder Health 1204

5 x 5 Bench Press

Rotational Strength WOD 1214

1 minute per exercise — 20 minutes

  • TRX T-Spine Rotation L/ R
  • Reverse T-Spine Rotation L/ R
  • Window Wipers L/ R
  • Squat Row L/ R
  • Rip Stack L/ R

Score Total Reps Completed

Overhead Press 1205

5 x 5 Overhead Press

5 x 5 Push Press

Shoulder Health and Strength

TRX Suspension Trainer and Exercise Tubing

9 Minute EMOM

TRX Suspension Trainer:

  • Ts / Ws / Ys

– Switch –

9 Minute EMOM

Exercise Tubing

  • Overhead
  • Side Lift
  • Tricep Extensions

Clubbells & Maces for Grip and Wrists WOD 1206

50 Reps: each for time.

  • Clubbell Shield Cast
  • Clubbell Reverse Shield Cast
  • Mace Gada Swing
  • Clubbell Mill
  • Clubbell Clean + Torch Press
  • Mace Barbarian Squat

Front Squat and Lateral Flexion Control 1207

5 x 5 Front Squat

Traps, Shoulders, and Elbow Mobility 1205

  • Upper Traps
    • Traps Roll with a lacrosse ball
    • Vibrator
    • Barbell Shoulder Roll
  • Elbow Mobs
    • Elbow Cars
    • Tricep / bicep Vibration therapy
    • Banded Elbow Distraction
    • Bicep / Tricep Rolling

Sumo Deadlift and Lateral Flexion Control 1208

5 x 5 Sumo Deadlift

Lateral Flexion and Rotation Control

20 Minutes EMOM

  • 1 Arm Bench Press L & R
  • Exercise Tube Single Leg Deadlift at floor height L & R
  • TRX Knee Sweep L & R
  • Exercise Tube Single Leg Deadlift at chest height L & R
  • Inline kneeling lunge on Airex L & R

Power Clean and Lateral Flexion Control 1209

5 x 5 Power Clean

Myofascial Release via Rolling and Lacrosse Balls

  • Scapula Cars
  • Band Pullaparts
  • Lacrosse Ball
  • Mini Band Pullaparts
  • T-Spine Rolling

Push Jerk and Pushup Press 1210

5 x 5 Push Jerk

5 x 5 Split Jerk

20 Minutes EMOM

  • Pavlov Press L & R
  • 1 Arm Exercise Tube Row L & R
  • 1 Arm Exercise Tube Press L & R
  • Triangle Pose L & R
  • Reverse Triangle Pose L & R

Every minute you switch exercises

Back Squat and Joint Distraction 1211

5 x 5 Back Squat

Banded Joint Distraction

Joint distraction is a physical therapy technique for improving the tracking and alignment of various joints in the body.  When performed correctly, it’s a potent technique for preventing and treating impingement syndrome.  In Recovery Clinic, we cover:

  • Lower Back Distraction
  • Half-Kneeling Hip Distraction
  • Pigeon Hip Distraction
  • Standing Fold Hip Distraction
  • Janusirasana Hip Distraction
  • Laying Cross Hip Distraction
  • Banded Bully Shoulder Distraction
  • Supine Hand Shoulder Distraction

Clubbells & Maces for Grip and Wrists WOD 1212

50 Reps: each for time.

  • Clubbell Swipe
  • Mace Tire Slam
  • Mace Rotating Lunge
  • Internal / External Rotation Club Rotations
  • Swing 2 Squat

Pullups and Wrist Strength 1213

5 x 10 Pullups

Grip and Wrist Strength

2 Minutes per Round

  • Mini Gripper
  • Theraband Flexbar Side L/ R
  • Theraband Flexbar Front L/ R
  • Wrist Curls
  • Wrist Extensions
  • Wrecking Ball Hold

Pushups & Handstand Pushups and Chest Mobility 1214

Pushup progressions.  Building from the knee pushup to the handstand pushups

5 Rounds for Time

  • 20 Pushups at challenging scaling
  • Rest 1 Minute Between Sets

Lateral Flexion and Rotation Control

2 Rounds: 1 Minute Per Side

  • TRX Rip Stack,
  • TRX Rip Punch,
  • TRX Rip Reverse Twist
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Isometric Twist
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Side Bends

Chest and Lats

  • Chest Rolling
  • Chest Activation with Lacross Ball
  • Squeezing Dumbbell Press
  • Lat Rolling

Chinups, Leg Tucks and Grip Strength 1215

5 x 10 Chinups

5 x 5 Leg Tuck

Grip Strength & Tennis Elbow

2 Minutes per Round

  • Satan’s Telegraph
  • Anvil Hold
  • 1 Arm Deadlift
  • Wood Block Hold
  • Ball Squeezes
  • Dumbell Hold
  • Canon Ball Row
  • Finger Board Hold

Overhead Press & Push Press 1216

5 x 5 Overhead Press

5 x 5 Overhead Press

Rotational Strength

1 Round: 2 minutes per exercise

  • Hinge
  • Plank Hi
  • Plank Low
  • Oblique Rollout
  • Side Plank
  • Knee Sweeps

Score Total Reps Completed

Tempo Deadlifts & Shoulder Health and Strength 1217

10 x 5 Deadlifts

Exercise Tube, Dumbbells, Powerweb, Bodyblade

2 Minutes per Round

  • DB Standing Lateral Lift L/R
  • DB Leaning Lateral Lift L/R
  • Exercise Band Rotation Left Internal / External
  • Exercise Band Rotation Right Internal / External
  • Rear Fly
  • Pour Overs
  • Overhead Body Blade L/R
  • Power Web Rotation Left Internal / External
  • Power Web Rotation Right Internal / External

Y- Balance Test 1218

The Y-Balance is our second diagnostic workout.  The Y-Balance test measures ankle mobility, hip stability, shoulder stability, wrist mobility, and core stability.

YBT Score Report Sheet
YBT Score Report

There are three tests for the legs:

  • Anterior Reach
  • Posterolateral Reach
  • Posteromedial Reach

There are three tests for the shoulders:

  • Medial Reach
  • Inferolateral Reach
  • Superolateral Reach

Based on the person’s leg and arm length, we can measure a person’s reach relative to their limb length.  We can also measure whether there are any significant differences in the range of motion left to right.

Overhead Squat and Ankle Mobility 1219

5 x 5 Overhead Squat

Calf and Ankle Mobility

2 Minutes Per Round:

  • Calf block
  • Toe pro,
  • Calf rolling
  • Calf stretches
  • Foot Roller + Elgin board
  • 2 Gemini Roller calf
  • Big Gemini
  • Battle Star Calfs

Bench Press and Shoulder Health 1220

5 x 5 Bench Press

Chest and Core Mobility

2 Minutes per Round

  • Super Nova
  • Rumble Roller Stretch
  • T-Spine Roll
  • Lats Roll and Scrub
  • Gemini Roll
  • Gemini Overhead Anchor
  • TRX Kitchen Sink
  • Jilly
  • Locust and Seal Pose

Sumo Deadlift and Grip 1221

5 x 5 Sumo Deadlift

Grip Cycle

2 minute per Round

  • Satan’s Telegraph
  • Anvil Hold
  • 1 Arm Deadlift
  • Wood Block Hold
  • Ball Squeezes
  • Dumbell Hold
  • Canon Ball Row
  • Finger Board Hold

IASTM & Flossing 1223

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a technique of using blades to assist the body in recovery.  We’ll explore using both flossing and scraping blades to improve your tissue health:

  • Quad and Glutes:
  • Scapula and Lats
  • Upper Traps and Beck
  • Calves, Shins, and Feet
  • Elbows and Knees Flossing

Shoulder Health

Building a full range of motion and strength in your shoulder is very important for protecting against injury.  Deskwork leads to protracted shoulders which causes a host of problems.  Our Shoulder Health workouts are designed to provide good posture and reduce neck and shoulder pain/injuries.

Rotational Strength with TRX Rip Trainer

Rotational strength and strength through your entire rotation helps prevent injuries and improve performance.

Calf and Ankle Mobility

Building ankle and calf mobility allows you to run and squat with improved mechanics.  The results high lifts, faster times, and fewer injuries.

Thoracic Extension and Chest Mobility

Building good Thoracic Spine (T-spine) mobility allows one to perform numerous exercises properly.  Techniques like cleans, front squats, and pullups require good spinal mobility.

Grip Strength & Tennis Elbow

Pulling exercises like deadlifts, rope climbs and pullups require strong grip.  Strengthening your grip also helps prevent over-use injuries like tennis elbow and bicep tears.  When your grip isn’t strong enough, your body compensates with the wrist, elbow, or shoulder assisting.  Build your grip and save your shoulder.💓

Clubbells & Maces for Grip and Forearms

Clubs and Maces are some of the best tools for building real-world strength in your hands and wrists.  Replicating functional patterns these exercises are excellent for improving grip and forearm strength.



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