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A Powerlifting Strength Class For Your Posterior Chain and Core. Highly scalable and adjustable for members with injuries and those who need modifications. Butts & Guts features strength training lifts with reasonable rest periods to improve your strength and improve mechanics. Butts and Guts … deceptively challenging workouts that you will feel for days.

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Butts & Guts – The Take-No-Prisoners, Posterior Chain and Core, Strength Training Class

Butts and Guts is a strength class that shapes your butt and leans out your stomach.  Butts and Guts is an original program built by Dawn Anderson.  In designing the Butts and Guts class, Dawn draws from the conjugate powerlifting system, the works of Bret Contreras, and Muscle Activation Techniques.

Central in its design is the maintenance and restoration of proper hip and lower back stability.  A true Exercise-is-Medicine based class, Butts and Guts reduces unnecessary stress on your knees and loading on your back caused by poor body mechanics.

Class Overview

Butts and Guts builds a foundation of strength for all activities you might want to do.  Whether you share Dawn’s passion for powerlifting, or you just want to run better with fewer injuries, Butts and Guts is a safe and highly effective class.

What about my Arms?  Butts and Guts incorporates a wide variety of pushing exercises (e.g. burpees, presses, etc.) and pulling exercises (bent over row, curls, dumbbell cleans, etc.)

Scaling Butts & Guts. Paul and Dawn design the Butts and Guts class so that is accessible to beginners and challenging to advanced athletes.

In-Person Training: our Butts & Guts class is available as part of our personal training program.  It is one on one and highly customized to the individual member.

Butts & Guts Sample Workout


  • 1 min Hollow Holds
  • 1 min Locust Pose
  • 30 glute bridges
  • 30L 30R banded clams

Scoring: Checkbox

Skill Workout:

  • 20 Dumbbell Box Step-ups
  • 10 Abmat crunches

Scoring: Checkbox

Hip Thrust:

Hip Thrust

  • 5 reps
  • 5 reps
  • 5 reps

Scoring: Load (Time Cap 15 Minutes)

Glute & Core Accessories:

Step-Ups and Crunches AMRAP 12 Minutes

  • 20 Box Step-ups 20″ with 25/15 LB dumbbells
  • 20 Situps Situps go up by 10 reps every round.

Scoring: Rounds + Reps

Butts and Guts Class Videos


4 reviews for Butts and Guts

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mitchell Scott

    I like the “Butt & Guts” class because it focuses so heavily on the lower body and core. When I joined Sand & Steel 2 months ago, my core, glutes and quads were areas I wanted to strengthen, especially my core! I also love the fact I’m completely exhausted when the class is over.

    • Paul Roberts

      Thank you for the review Mitchell. I’ve added 100 rewards points to your account for sharing your thoughts with us on the class. Appreciate it very much. -Paul

  2. 5 out of 5

    Krista D’Archangelo

    “Butts and Guts” is a great class because it focuses on two primary areas I have been wanting to strengthen, specifically the core because a strong core is needed for every movement in crossfit! I also really enjoy that we do similar movements every week like the hip thrusters and I can see myself improving and getting stronger.

    • Paul Roberts

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. I agree those are some of the key elements of the class.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The “butts and guts” class kicks my butt. I appreciate the heavy emphasis on lower body and the amount of volume one is pushed to do in the class. I’ve seen gains in every aspect of my lower body after only a month or two of taking this class consistently. Highly recommend!

    • Paul Roberts

      Volume and simplicity are key elements of this class. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jennifer M.

    Personally, legs and core is my fav workout of all time. I’d chose those workouts every time, all the time, if it wouldn’t leave the rest of my body so unbalanced and weak.
    I thoroughly enjoy each class that S&S offers. However, I love the specific focus that the “Butts & Guts” class offers. For me, the glutes are the hardest to target without recruiting the other muscles to “help”. In more the more dynamic/compound CrossFit movements, it’s harder for me to properly target/engage the glutes/core. B&G solves that problem. The class also offers more ways challenge them than I could ever come up with on my own; I never get bored. 😀 Since starting the class, there is a noticeable improvement in my strength and physique. I definitely recommend taking this class.

    • Paul Roberts

      Thank you so much for the review Jenn! I’ve added 100 points to your rewards account for sharing your feedback.

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