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Our Celebrity Trainer Service offers the same personalized results you see on tv.  It’s a customized combination of Personal Training, Private Yoga, Mobility TuneUp, and Nutrition Coaching.

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Product Description

With our Celebrity Trainer service you get two hours of training service at your home, office, or third party gym.  We offer the service within 15 miles of Washington DC.

This service is designed for professionals who don’t have enough time to come to Sand & Steel.  With our Celebrity Trainer service, Paul is working one-on-one with you.  Whether that’s writing workout plans for you, writing meal plans for you, training with you one-on-one, or helping you overcome chronic pain.

Celebrity Trainer Personal Training Frequency

Most members book our Celebrity Trainer service once a week.  Paul will provide you with a workout plan and/or nutrition plan for the rest of the week.  Every trainer-member is customized around what you need.

Our Celebrity Trainer Service vs At-Home Trainers

99% of companies / individuals offering at-home service do so, because they don’t have enough members to own a gym.  Typically, their knowledge and experience doesn’t attract enough members for them to afford renting space in a gym, let alone owning one.

Why Do We Offer This Service?

Offering an at-home service to the standards that Sand & Steel has its own challenges.  Our members expect the same 5-star service and results, and they deserve it.  We understand that some people, such as politicians, real estate brokers, doctors, attorneys, and other business owners simply don’t have enough time to make it to the gym.  You don’t have enough time to plan your meals, get physical therapy, sift through the hundreds of Instagram workout plans.  The plan you need is the one that customized to you by an experienced personal trainer & movement coach.

Celebrity Trainer Pricing

Celebrity Personal Training is an expensive service — we get it.  If it’s out of your price range, we offer Owner’s Training and our regular personal training services.  How much time will it take you to drive to the gym?  Find a nutrition coach, work with a mobility coach, and hire a yoga teacher?  How hard do you think it will be to get all those professionals to work together provide you a consolidated, customized plan?

Celebrity Trainer Fitness Plan

Can you get a home workout plan?  A travel meal plan?  A list of corrective exercises for your shoulder, etc.  We’ll use the two session in whatever way is most useful for you.  So, if that’s going over your food journal, assessing a source of chronic pain, or busting out a body drenching workout… that’s what we are going to do.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We care about your experience.  If your session is great, we want to know why you liked it.
Of course, should any session fail to meet your expectations, please fillout the following form to request a full or partial credit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The following terms and conditions apply to all packages.  Buying a training package of any type constitutes acceptance of the below Membership Policy.

COVID-19 Cleaning Policies

Sand & Steel’s COVID-19 Cleaning and Safety policies are available here.  All members are required to follow the Cleaning and Safety Policies at all times.  Wipe Down all Surfaces that you touch. Barbells, plates, dumbbells, benches, etc.

SSF COVID-19 Sick Policy

In addition to the above Sickness Policy, these COVID-19 Policies apply until further notice:

If you have had potential exposure to Covid-19 in the last 14 days;
Have a fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) or a sense of having a fever;
Have a new cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition;
Have new shortness of breath that cannot be attributed to another health condition;
Have new chills that cannot be attributed to another health condition;
Have a new sore throat that cannot be attributed to another health condition;
Have new muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another health condition or specific activity (such as physical exercise);
You may not train at Sand & Steel for 14 days from the first onset of any of the above symptoms.

Checking In

Checking in: you are required to check-in with your personal trainer, through the app, or online at our member connect portal. While coaches may remind you, it is ultimately your responsibility to check-in. If you do not check-in, the session will be counted as a no-show, even if you were in-fact present.

Booking Policy

We have one Booking Policy. It applies to all sessions including: Personal Training, Classes, and Open Gym.

  • Sessions may be booked 6 hours to 2 weeks in advance.  You can call the gym if you need to book within 6 hours.
  • Early Cancellation is 24 hours before your scheduled session. Early cancellations are done through the website or app. Early cancellations have no cancellation penalty.
  • Personal Training Late Cancellation is 2 Hours to 24 in advance. Late cancellations will result in you losing your session.
  • Group Class Late Cancellation is 2 Hours to 24 in advance. Group Class late cancellations are subject to a $10 late cancellation fee.
  • No Show: you lose the session and you will be charged $20 as a no-show fee.

Membership Cancellation Form & Policy

If you would like to cancel your membership, please review our Membership Cancellation Policy and fill out the requisite cancellation form.

Hold Form & Policy

If you would like to put your membership on Hold, please review our Membership Hold Policy and fill out the requisite hold form.

Late Cancellation Form & Policy

If you would need to cancel your reservation within the 24 hour time window, please review our Late Cancellation Policy and fill out the requisite late cancellation form.

Late Reservation Form & Policy

If you would like to reserve within the 6 hour time window, please review our Late Reservation Policy and fill out the requisite late cancellation form.

SSF Standard Sick Policy

Policies When You Are Sick: To protect all clients and trainers, we won’t train you if you have visible symptoms of being sick. It doesn’t matter whether you are contagious or not. Exception: you have symptoms and a Dr.’s note that says you are not contagious. It’s impossible to sterilize every surface you might touch. Because we have a responsibility to our other clients, we will turn you away if you come to the gym sick or display any symptoms of being sick. You might say, “I’m not sick… it’s just allergies.” If it’s just allergies, take some Claritin and you won’t have any symptoms. Symptoms = no workout.

7 Day Refunds & Membership Cancellations

Please see our membership cancellation policy for information on our 7 Day Refund and Membership Cancellation Policies.

Membership Autorenew

All memberships renew until you cancel your membership. There is no turning off or disabling autorenew. When you are ready to cancel, please fill out the membership cancellation form.

Open Gym Rules

The Open Gym Rules available at https://www.sandandsteelfitness.com/product/open-gym/ apply to this agreement.  For everyone’s safety, you are required to follow these rules at all times.

Session Length

  • Personal Training are approximately 45 minute long.
  • Group Classes are approximately 45 minutes long – you can only book one group class session per day.
  • Open Gym is 60 minutes long

Multiple Sessions on the Same Day

Only one session may be booked with a particular coach on the same day. If you’d like to book more than one session, you must book a different coach.


  • Zen Planner: to book, cancel, and buy memberships
  • SugarWOD: to view and track workouts and personal records for personal training and group classes. For personal training, you’ll need to record each of your workouts.
  • Kisi: for entry into Sand and Steel Fitness
  • FITIV Pulse: for heart rate tracking.
  • MyFitnessPal: for tracking food for nutrition coaching

Sneaker Policies

Acceptable Footwear includes:

  • Cross Fitness Shoes like: Reebock Nanos, Nike Metcon, Nobull, Innov8 F250/F270
  • Lifters (all Weight Lifting Shoes)
  • Converse Chucks or a zero drop shoe (to be approved by Dawn or Paul)
  • Yoga Socks and Pedastel socks
  • Vibrams or Barefoot.

We enforce this policy for your own protection. Building muscles in your feet and calves is paramount to a strong functional training program. We do not allow: Running Sneakers, Rockport, New Balance, Saucony, Basketball Shoes, etc. Please leave your outside sneakers in the foyer when you come in. If you don’t own appropriate footwear, we are happy to sell some Yoga socks or you can train barefoot.

Personal Items

Do not leave any personal items in the gym after you leave.  Sand & Steel is not responsible for any items you leave in the gym.  Due to safety issues associated with COVID-19, Sand & Steel does not maintain a lost and found.  Items left in the gym after it closes will be discarded.

All Personal Items like Water Bottles, Keys, Phones, Masks, etc. must be kept in the cubbies in the gym.  Please see our social distancing article for more information.


Dawn and Paul, occasionally take photos and videos of clients in the gym. We use these photos for marketing and fostering an environment of positivity for all clients. We also share the photos with you during the session to make sure they like them. Photos that coaches take are uploaded to our smugmug account: https://sandandsteelfitness.smugmug.com/ We take care not to publish unflattering pictures, we’ll provide you a copy of the pictures, and make sure you look good to inspire others. If you don’t want your picture taken, just remind your coach during the session.

Cancellations of Memberships

Cancellation of Memberships: from time to time, Sand and Steel Fitness discontinues certain types of memberships.  Generally, we cancel membership based on changes in the economy and/or global member preferences.  We may, at our discretion, cancel your membership at any time.  If we cancel your membership, we will determine the value of the unused portion of your membership (by the remaining time in the month and/or number of sessions.)  We place the value of this unused portion into your account as an account credit.  Account credits do not expire, and they may be used to purchase any membership type.  You will be emailed with screenshots of your account so that you understand you are being adequately compensated for the unused portion of your account.

General Items

Time Extensions & Rollovers: There are no time extensions and there are no rollovers.

Merger Clause: I understand that this Agreement and the Informed Consent document are the final, complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between the Sand & Steel and the Client with respect to the transactions contemplated herein, and all prior or contemporaneous written or oral agreements with respect to the subject matter hereof are merged herein.

Membership Updates: Sand & Steel reserves the right to update this membership FAQ from time to time.  Any major update to our membership policy will be distributed via newsletter and updated on this document.

1 review for Celebrity Trainer

  1. 5 out of 5


    Not gonna lie this was money well spent for me. I have an extremely busy schedule from working in the office, to home and a lot of travel as well. The fact that the owner of the gym, Paul, is willing to take his time away from his gym and come to your home, that’s going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to service. I had requested a good list of workouts, training in how to successfully do the workout and a nutrition plan for especially when I travel. You can tell that a lot of time went into building this plan just for me because it was focused on letting me still eat things that I enjoy but to just trim somethings back and make suggestions on other options to switch with.
    If I can I want to try and do another session maybe 6 months down the road depending on where I am in my life.

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