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Free Event for all Members.  January 7, 2022 at 7:30PM.

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Chess is not a hard game to learn if you are learning from someone who is a good teacher.  In the first hour, (so 7:30PM-8-30PM), Paul (the host) will teach everyone how to play.  If you already know the basic rules, Paul will help you improve your game by providing some in-game strategy sessions.  Afterward, we’ll play some matchups and enjoy this legendary game together.  Plus all members that register get a free copy of Paul’s eBook Chess Tactics.

Chess Savant Featured

Chess Variants

In addition to standard chess, we also play Omega Chess and Musketeer Chess.  Think of them as expansion packs or DLC for the original chess game.  For members that already know how to play chess, we’ll be teaching the rules and tactics to these expansions as well.


Game Night is about community and friendship.  Bring anything you want to share for potluck.

Paul on Chess

Chess is a very special game to me.  It was the game that my father and I played every day until his unfortunate and untimely death many years.  That and Star Trek were two of the most favorite things we did together.  The eBook Chess Tactics was one of the first books I ever published.  As a teenager, I was the chess king of Long Island and that was something special to my father.  He was a highly ranked chess player and an excellent teacher.

I gave up playing chess 20 years ago.  Chess was a family game to me.  It wasn’t about competitions or winning — it was about love and friendly competition.  And while it’s a hard thing for me to do, I want to bring my Sand & Steel family into that same space where so many important memories still live.  And yes, they are sad memories, because I still miss my father.  But I know he would have wanted me to share this knowledge with my Sand & Steel Family.  It’s time I paid that knowledge forward and shared what he taught me.  So thank you all for coming.

Chess Sets

If you have a chess set, please bring it.

How Do You Start to Learn Chess?

Where else?  Youtube.

YouTube video

Chess Tips

I saw this video on Chess Tips while looking for the above video, and it’s pretty accurate as well.  Think of this video as chess suggestions that are usually right (95% of the time.)

YouTube video


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