12 Days of Christmas Holiday Party and Workout

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We are proud to announce our Ninth Annual Holiday Party, 12 Days of Christmas WOD, White Elephant, and Best Cookie Competition. Sunday, December 11, 2022, 6PM-9PM.

This year we have introduced a few twists to our 12 days of Christmas WOD with a mystery faceoff at the end. Also, members that register earlier receive a distinct advantage in the White Elephant gift exchange. First to register is last to go. You want to go last (or next to last) in White Elephant.

Prizes for the 12 Days of Christmas WOD have been revealed – the grand prize being a weight lifting belt from 2POOD. Bake-off winners will get 25-50% of the event proceeds, and we all will have a great time with complimentary coffee and hot chocolate. Please bring a mug.

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Holiday Party:

This is our 9th annual 12 Days of Holiday Party and Christmas WOD.  Year after Year, it’s been one of our best-attended events.  Our Christmas Cookie Competition Returns along with our White Elephant Competition.

  • Event Date: December 11, 2022
  • Event Time: 6PM-9PM

Ticket Options:

  • Baker: You’ll be watching the WOD, participating in the White Elephant and bringing some baked goods to share. Bakers can of course sample every else’s baking, but you won’t be judging.
  • Baker & CrossFitter: You’ll be participating in the WOD, participating in the White Elephant and bringing some baked goods to share.
  • Cookie Judge: You’ll be watching the WOD, participating in the White Elephant and judging the baked goods.
  • Cookie Judge & CrossFitter: Workout and Judging: You’ll be participating in the WOD, participating in the White Elephant and judging the baked goods.

Guests are welcome to attend by having them purchase a ticket on this page. If you are purchasing more than one ticket, please provide us with your guest’s name, email, phone, and address. If they are working out, they’ll need to sign our liability waiver. You can cancellation your registration up until December 10 at 6PM. Cancellations will be refunded via store credit provided you cancel more than 24 hours before the event.

12 Days of Christmas Workout

12 Days of Christmas WOD:

A specialty endurance WOD that’s lots of fun. Paul has been building Sand & Steel’s version for the past 9 years. The workout has a time target of 35 minutes and a time cap of 45 minutes. It burns a ton of calories so that you can be a guilt-free judge on the baking competition immediately following.

View the workout and official rules

WOD Winners Receive:

  1. First Place: a CrossFit lifting Belt from 2-Pood
  2. Second Place: a Sand & Steel Beanie
  3. Third Place: a custom cut jump rope from Sand & Steel.

If you would prefer to exchange one of these items for store credit, we’ll make that option available.  E.g. you already have a 2POOD belt, so you’ll get a store credit for $60 instead.

Best Cookie Competition:

Sand & Steel will Supply Coffee and Hot Chocolate, Please Bring a Mug

  1. First Place: ~50% of the event proceeds
  2. Second Place: ~25% of the event proceeds

The remaining amount (~25%) will be used to cover costs for the event including prizes, drinks, supplies, credit card transaction fees, etc. First and Second Place winners will be provided the money in the form of Zen Planner credit if they are a member, or through PayPal if they are a non-member.

Official Rules:

  • Cookie is a broad term … fudge, brownies, biscuits, pastries, and protein bars are all considered cookies on December 11.
  • Pre-bought cookies. If you prefer to buy your cookies from a bakery, please select Baking / Baking & Workout option. You’ll be a judge, but you get the pricing discount since you are bringing food. If you choose this option, please bring something made locally. E.g. avoid national brands like Keebler or Nabisco.
  • You should bring 24 servings of cookies to the event.  You can break cookies in halves if your recipe only makes 12.
  • Each member will vote for a first and second-place cookie based on taste and creativity.
  • Bring an extra ziplock bag or Tupperware container to take home extra cookies to your families.
  • Bring a Mug for Coffee and Hot Chocolate. If you forget, mugs will be available for purchase $4.95

White Elephant SSF Rules

Paul thinks the game of White Elephant is in some serious need of an overhaul, and so he is proud to present you with White Elephant Sand & Steel Edition (2021 rules).  Standard rules are in black, new rules are in red.

  1. Everyone that is attending needs to bring a gift.1
  2. The gift needs to be sealed so people cannot see the contents.
  3. You can bring more than one gift if you like, but only one gift is required.
  4. The minimum retail price is $25, but you can spend as much as you like on the gift(s).
  5. The gift does not need to be one item — it can be a collection of two or more items.  But they need to be sealed in the same box or container.
  6. The order you choose your gifts is the reverse registration order. E.g. the first people that register for this event will go last. In White Elephant, you want to go last!
  7. When it’s your turn to pick, you can choose an unopened gift or you can steal a gift.
  8. A gift can be stolen up to three times … once a gift is stolen three times it is locked.
  9. If your gift is stolen … you can choose a new gift or steal an unlocked gift from a person other than the one who stole your gift.
  10. If you bring a gift that is so popular that people steal it three times, you get to draw a second gift.  After everyone has gone, you’ll then get to draw a new gift or steal an existing one as long as there are gifts left to draw.

12 Days of Christmas Workout Official Rules

Our 12 Days of Christmas Workout will have a qualifier round, semi-finals rounds, and a final round. To make the semi-final round, you’ll need to place first in your skill class (Beg., Int., or Rx). Paul gets a “by” in the qualifier round and will join the semi-final round. Paul is ineligible to win any prizes, but what could be a better prize than beating Paul at his own game. #BraggingRightsForAWholeYear

Semi-Final and Final Rounds will remain a mystery until the event, but they are high-speed sprint WODS that should take 2-4 minutes to complete. In the semi-final round, you’ll face off against your opponent head to head. Two people make the final round, the fastest person wins it all.

12 Days of Christmas WOD 2022

1Travelling Bear (1 Lap)Travelling Bear (1 Lap)Travelling Bear (1 Lap)
2Thrusters 45/35Thrusters 55/45Thrusters 75/55
3Inverted Row / Banded PullupsPullupsButterfly Pullups
4Strict Press 45/35Push Press 55/45Push Jerk 75/55
5Abmat Sit-upsToes to BarToes to Bar
6Hang Muscle Clean 45/35Power Clean 55/45Squat Clean 75/55
7TRX Chest PressStrict PushupsClap Pushups
8Dumbbel Snatch 20/10Barbell Muscle Snatch 45/35Barbell Muscle Snatch 75/55
9Kettle Bell Swing 25/20Alternating Kettlebell Swings 35/25American Swings 44/35
10Assisted Lunges (Per Side)Walking Lunges (Per Side)Plyo Lunges (Per Side)
11Wall Walks 2 stepsWall Walks11 Mat Handstand Walk
12Calorie Echo Bike SprintCalorie Echo Bike SprintCalorie Echo Bike Sprint

Hoho Good Luck! 

Paul will make accommodations for all injuries.  If you have an injury, please let us know on Discord asap.

Pay it Forward

Rx athletes you will be paired with two beginners or two intermediate athletes to assist them in scaling and technique for this workout.  Paul will teach and demo the beginner and intermediate scalings, but you will assist your two teammates with corrections and scalings so they have a safe and fun experience.  #payitforward

  1. If you forget to bring a gift for White Elephant, Sand & Steel will provide one for you. Cost will be $25 which will be billed to you via Zen Planner. Try not to forget to bring something.

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