Coffee Tumbler Travel Mug


Handpicked by the Coffee Connoisseur himself, Paul’s SSF Coffee Tumbler is a no-comprise travel mug that delivers on all cylinders.

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Travel Mug

Paul hand-tested over 30 prototypes for SSF official coffee mug before selecting the one you see here.  It’s a bullet-proof no compromise coffee mug that will serve you well.

Key Features of our Coffee Mug:

  • Size: 16 ounces which is approximately 3 cups of coffee + cream
  • Small Lower diameter: it will fit in your cars cupholder
  • Lid Screws down: most similar mugs have a pressure cap.  Ours screws into the side walls.  It’s very easy to screw and unscrew.
  • Low Price Point.  Most travel mugs on Amazon cost about $14.  I know, I remember the day tumblers were like $5, but they are more expensive nowadays.
  • Durable — with Lifetime Guarantee.  If the mug ever breaks, cracks, etc. we’ll replace it with a new one for free
  • Comfort Grip — built in thermal protection for your hand and rubber grip so you don’t drop your coffee
  • Dishwasher safe —  no issues with putting it in the dishwasher
  • Stain Proof — Coffee washes out of it with just water.  No nasty grimy coffee bottoms
  • Thermal — the walls are double insulated so your coffee stays hot.
  • Microwave safe — it happens to all of us.  We get busy and forget to drink our coffee.  Most tumblers are made of metal, so if you coffee gets cold after a few hours — you have nasty lukewarm coffee.  Our mug is microwave safe.


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SSF Coffee Tumbler Travel Mug
Coffee Tumbler Travel Mug

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