CrossFit Gymnastics Course


Thursdays at 6PM starting September 28. The Gymnastics Course. A technique-first class designed to help you learn and master all CrossFit Gymnastics exercises. From the plank & hollow to the handstand walk & muscle-up.

Online enrollment is closed. Please contact the gym for additional options.

Gymnastics Course Membership Details

  • Online enrollment for the Gymnastics Course ends September 15, 2023.
  • The Gymnastics Course begins September 28, 2023.
  • Your Gymnastics Course Pack Membership will expire after eight months or once you use all the classes in your pack. Sand & Steel will host at least 16 gymnastics classes at 6pm on Thursdays within the next eight months.
  • There will be no gymnastics classes during the Iron Star Games in November, no class on Thanksgiving, no class Halloween weekend, and no gymnastics classes during the CrossFit Open.
  • Unused Classes: We keep a record of all the classes you attend. If you attend less classes that you buy (for the 12 pack or 16 pack only), we will provide you with a pro-shop credit equal to your unused classes. Pro-shop credits can be used to purchase any items in our shop and do not expire. Speak to Paul on or after the Gymnastic classes to get your physical gift card good for any pro-shop purchases.

CrossFit Gymnastics Course Curriculum

This curriculum is a general outline of the focus of each session and is subject to change. Please see SugarWOD for the actual workouts.

1. Planks, Arcs, & Inversions
2. L Holds & Handstand Holds
3. Toes 2 Bar & Kipping Knee Raise
4. Pullover / Reverse Muscle-up / Bar Rollover
5. Pullups & Kipping Pullups
6. Butterfly Pullups
7. Kipping Chest 2 Bar
8. Butterfly Chest 2 Bar
9. Strict and Kipping Ring Dips
10. Strict Muscle-up
11. Kipping Ring Muscle-up
12. Bar Muscle-up
13. Wall Walk
14. Handstand Pushup
15. Free Handstand Pushup
16. Handstand Walk
* Rope Climbing, Pistol Squats, Doubles Unders, Cross Overs will be mixed in throughout the programming.

Gymnastics Classes

Classes will focus on helping you develop the skills and strength for many of the CrossFit gymnastics exercises. Each class will feature a long skill work section followed by gymnastics based workout.


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